Graphic Design Courses Greece

Graphic Design Courses Greece

If you are involved in computer technology, web/software design, etc., some of the big tech roles would be of interest to you. Flexible schedules, the opportunity to work from home or remotely anywhere in the country, and beginning wages that will allow you say goodbye to the cup noodles for good! The graphic design course at Blue Sky Graphics will show you how to create technical graphics.

Learning Graphic Design

Then, what is the catch? The impression is that technology is embedded in the type of engineering practise (not really an area that leaps off the designer page). Design is an integral aspect of technology. To assist our artistic friends in appreciating how awesome technology can be for them, we have developed this guide that defines three separate design fields and gives a brief overview of each one.

Graphic designers are some of the most highly in-demand professionals in the industry. However, can you explain what these people really do?
Historically, graphic designers focus on print work and deliver printed products (such as flyers, brochures, invites and business cards).
Now that print advertising shifts into the digital realm, graphic design has to be transformed as well which ensures that all graphic designers are now eligible to produce digital objects (logos, icons, etc.).
Web design has recently been incorporated into the broader field of graphic design as an all-encompassing term for other media positions. Recognise that web designers do not necessarily need graphic design skills, but graphic designers generally do not produce web sites.

Required skills for graphic artists

Graphic designers have outstanding awareness of the values of design. It includes subjects including colour theory and form designing. They need to know how to build brand assets (like logos) which are consistent with all model designs and all branding collateral that is needed.
Graphic designers utilise computer applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to carry out much of their work. Also, Mac owners may use the “Computer-only” software application in order to design logos.

Required skills for graphic artists
Required skills for graphic artists

Web design coding is a graphic designer’s secondary ability. In digital projects programme is typically allocated to the front-end developer. That said, when the fields of graphic design and web development are increasingly intersecting, it does not hurt graphic designers (and especially web designers — more on that in the second) to add web design skills to their arsenal.

If you feel uneasy about making the change from print graphic design to digital design work, do not be. Yeah, you need to understand the various methods and terminology utilised in the field, but the main design concepts of the field do not alter.

Career Road for Graphic Design

For graphic artists, there are also a few possibilities. Graphic designers can work in many sectors, and different daily activities can be done by graphic designers. Just a few of the works accessible to graphic designers are given below.

Career Road for Graphic Design
Career Road for Graphic Design


In ads, several graphic designers work, at least to some degree. In nearly all marketing divisions, it is important to create graphics that advertise products and services and draw customers’ interest. Usually, this takes the shape of making multiple ads, like web ads, photographs, brochures, among others.
The goal of graphic designers who manufacture ads and marketing materials is to offer appealing product or service details to the target audience effectively. They may work for an independent organisation, a committed marketing company or freelancers that work for individual consumers.
Until printing, graphic designers employed in the advertisement sector are normally responsible for testing designs to guarantee there are no defects.

Style linked to User Experience

UI programmers are authors responsible for the creation of digital products such as websites, sports, or other interactive media. They develop web pages and menus by selecting colours, fonts and other design features. It is for cosmetic reasons as well as ease of usage to enhance the shopping process for customers.

UI artists operate mainly in the computing sector as opposed to the web design business. Due to their digital orientation, they must learn skills in web design and interface creation.

Since UI designers must build websites and web app models, one must possess solid wireframing skills. UI programmers can know web design so that they can properly appreciate the website and framework architecture and layout. Having a good grasp of JavaScript and being comfortable writing JavaScript code will help.

They are expected to have a detailed knowledge on all general design principles from colour theory to typography.

In addition to being a graphic designer, a UI designer also uses Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

If you wish to learn more about why UI design is relevant, our UI Design Roadmap is a fantastic place to start your journey! Additionally, you can complement UX ‘s restricted site design skills by enrolling in Blue Sky Graphics’ graphic design course.