Does Apple Have Graphic Design Software?

Does Apple Have Graphic Design Software?

Are you a graphic designer who works in both raster and vector graphics? Find the right graphic design tools for the job here, whether you are a veteran animating 3D models, a novice playing with drawing applications, or someone in need of a PDF editor or converter.

But now, if you are a Mac user, what you have to do is go to the Mac App Store, and the app will be in your dock in seconds. If you are a novice or an expert, here are the top graphic design applications in the Mac App Store, ranging in price from free to £59.99.

Does Apple Have Graphic Design Software
Does Apple Have Graphic Design Software


Sketchbook Express (free) and SketchBook Pro (£59.99) are also available in the Mac App Store from Autodesk Inc. Consider SketchBook Express to be the simple Paint software that comes with Windows (except for Mac, of course). It does, however, have a much more intuitive GUI, as well as more drawing tool choices, colours, and so on – all of which allows you to make some seriously amazing sketches and graphics without investing a dime.

According to feedback from users who have upgraded to the premium SketchBook Pro offering, the company’s premium platform seems to be working well. SketchBook Pro is aimed at advanced graphic designers and includes layer access. Other common Pro edition features include high-quality brushes (pencils, markers, airbrushes, erasers, flood fill equipment, blur, sharpen brushes – you name it) and personalised brushes – even from your own manufactured images to make a custom seal. You can experiment with the tool’s photo effects in addition to being able to download and edit images.

Graphic Design Studio

Graphic Design Studio, created by Macware, is available for a low price of £1.99. The tool is easy but effective, and it is ideal for beginners who want to get started with graphic design. The software helps you to create vector art, which experienced designers use daily. The software includes a tutorial as well as pre-designed vector artwork, so you would not have to start from scratch. This software is useful for quickly designing buttons, icons, badges, and email graphics – ideal for those developing their own website or advertisers trying to create basic graphics for their materials. And, at £1.99, if it does not work out for you or you progress to more advanced tools, you would not have made much of a difference in your pocket.

Studio for Logo Design

Logo Design Studio, like SketchBook, has a free and paid edition. Logo Design Studio Lite costs £1.99, while Logo Design Studio Pro costs £39.99. Regardless of version, these applications are all about logos – and one of them claims to be the best-selling logo design software on the market. To get you started, the Lite edition includes 110 pre-designed logo templates and 400 vector graphics. The Pro version has even more, including 1,000 pre-designed logo designs and 2800 premium logo pieces (on top of background effects – 25 in Lite and 500 in Pro). The Pro edition of the software also assists you with developing logos and taglines, as well as providing guidance for the trademark process.

Graphic Designing on a Mac

The premium build, dependable applications, and market success all contribute to the case for a Mac for graphic design. You can learn graphic design with Blue Sky Graphics online.

Macs are designed like tanks, with a smooth aluminium construction that results in a stunning piece of hardware. Furthermore, Macs have had a monopoly on the artistic industry for many years.

macOS is software that has been streamlined and optimised. The programme, in conjunction with the hardware, enables these two to work in tandem. Since Apple is the only vendor that uses macOS, they have a monopoly on security features, and you should be certain that your computer can operate smoothly due to its optimised programme.

Furthermore, if you are a motion graphic artist, you have the advantage of using Final Cut Pro, which is a well-optimised programme in the Apple ecosystem. Not just that, but if you have an iPhone, it makes having a Mac much more appealing.

You will sync the computers and collaborate on tasks, upload data, and chat with clients all at the same time. Furthermore, if anything goes wrong, Apple provides excellent support through its Genius Bar and AppleCare over-the-phone support.

Even if you need to run Windows, macOS supports this through the Boot Camp assistant. Boot Camp is ideal if you need to run a specific programme or collaborate with a client who has a Windows computer. You can also use MS Paint for Mac.

Overall, Macs provide excellent hardware and software choices, resulting in a streamlined, well-rounded view.

Graphic Designing on a PC

A PC’s case contains various hardware choices, upgradability, and more personalised features. As previously said, several different brands sell various computers that can better suit the graphic design needs.

Since the Adobe suite is used by the majority of graphic designers, Adobe performs admirably on Windows computers as well. Depending on the type of laptop, PCs have also improved in build quality in recent years, even rivalling Apple.

Furthermore, if you are dissatisfied with a certain brand of PC, you should move on to the next one. Since Windows is available on a variety of computers, you are not limited to a single vendor. You will get just what you want and do not have to compromise as much as you will on a Mac, which is the only machine that runs macOS.

Windows can have more specialised usability for a variety of applications. If you need to run a specific programme for a customer or design project, chances are it is available on Windows. Since Windows controls about 77 per cent of the desktop OS market, it is most definitely compatible.

Furthermore, PCs allow for a great deal of customisation of both software and hardware. If you like to change the appearance of your desktop, the accent shades, or something else, you can do so. In addition, several Windows laptops, such as the Microsoft Surface Laptop or the Razer laptop, allow you to switch out an SSD.