Can You Make A Living With Photoshop?

Can You Make A Living With Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is a photo editing software programme that enables you to manipulate photographs and create digital art. Though art professionals use Photoshop in a variety of ways for both print and digital media, the most frequently created products include image editing, composite images (combining several images), website design, and print collateral.

If you begin, you will fall in love with Photoshop and will be compelled to continue learning about it! This is because Photoshop is capable of a great deal and can be used in a variety of ways. Photoshop is used for anybody involved in animation, lighting, illustration, or modelling of some kind – from comic book artists and web designers to celebrity photographers and even forensic archaeologists – in short, anybody involved in the artwork. Many designers learn graphic design and Adobe Photoshop together in an online course like Blue Sky Graphics.

Ways to earn money using Photoshop

1. Create tutorials and/or courses for Photoshop
When you are a master of a trade, the logical way to have a valuable commodity that people can pay for is to teach it to others.

Additionally, Photoshop is not an exception.
You can educate others by recording your lessons or courses and distributing them through established course marketplaces. If you have a loyal following and a strong name, consider marketing your courses directly to your audience from your own website.

Can You Make A Living With Photoshop
Can You Make A Living With Photoshop

2. Create and sell fonts online

Another excellent source of passive income is the development and sale of your own fonts.

Just a few reports reveal the revenue generated by designing and selling fonts. While the majority of sources assert that font sale will generate revenue, unless you market a font to a large corporation, it is highly unlikely that you can earn astronomical sums. However, earning a living is possible.

3. Make money by selling your Photoshop presets and LUTs.

When you have perfected the art of colour grading and developed your trusted presets and LUTs, you have effectively created a new by-product that can bring meaning to other people’s lives.

Sell the presets online to assist amateur photographers in replicating the results produced by your expert eye.

Presets for Photoshop are in high demand. This stay-at-home mom earns more than £100,000 a year working from home as a Photoshop artist. Of course, this is contingent upon the community’s activity, the attractiveness of your photographs, and the manner in which they are commonly sold.

4. Develop and market stock photography

If you have a large number of photographs taking up space on your hard disc, why not put them to use by offering them as stock images? Though stock photography websites have developed stricter criteria in recent years, refusing about as many photographs as they allow.

Pro tip: due to the high number of stock images posted, it is recommended to continue posting periodically to ensure that the market share does not dwindle with time.

Earning potential: up to £500 a month
Though not sufficient to sustain a family, it definitely has the potential to be a profitable alternative source of income to supplement your current income and diversify it.

5. Design and market graphics

Photoshop is capable of creating a wide variety of images, not just photos.

A perfect way to generate extra passive income is to market Photoshop art – produce ready-made graphics that can be sold digitally to those searching for visual elements.

6. Design and offer web themes

With over 500,000 websites being built daily, it is fair to believe that website design is still in demand.

With several non-technical or design-skilled individuals attempting to create their website, an entirely new market – the industry of website themes – was born.

Website themes allow you to build the template for a website and reuse it repeatedly. Although you can design the website interface in Photoshop, to create a functional theme, you must convert the design to code. If you lack coding skills, try recruiting a freelancer.

7. Offer templates for sale on print-on-demand websites

If you are into printmaking, you might consider selling your work through print on demand (POD) websites.

The definition is straightforward:

You either post photos of your drawings to a print on demand website or your website.
The picture is shown for sale on the POD platform’s items of your choosing (common products include posters, mugs, pillows, etc.).
Visitors may buy a specification for a product they want.
The POD provider printers the package and sends it to the client.
There are many prints on-demand services available, many of which are very similar.

8. Design and market paper models

When it comes to designing for Photoshop, the sky is the limit! Therefore, why not extend your capabilities to include the development of additional text templates? Individuals often turn to pre-made models to boost their success and seem a little more competent, put together, or thoughtful.

The following are some examples of paper models you can sell online to earn passive income:

Templates for resumes/CVs
Templates for electronic books
Templates for emails
Magazine design layouts
Invitations to weddings, baby showers, and bridal showers

Earning potential: £5,000

As for every digital product, your future profits are highly dependent on the number of copies you sell and the price of the product. Increased sales can be accomplished in many ways – by adding new goods to the mix or increasing the promotion and exposure of current products.
9. Planners, articles, and workbooks that are printable
Creating printable calendars and journals in various niches is a perfect way to have excellent value for an exponentially scalable commodity.

If you are interested in another niche, you can create and sell a journal or planner devoted to that topic.

Consider that you are excited about planning your workday and creating a workload that generates a healthy income – a task that many creators face. You may create a printable workbook that contains objectives, challenges, and other details.

10. Create and sell mockups

There are several instances where mockups are in demand, from web retailers who use print on demand to branding experts who must show their newly acquired logos to customers, to software items that include screen demonstrations.