Which Tablet Is Best For Graphic Design?

Which Tablet Is Best For Graphic Design?

So, you or someone you know is considering embarking on a career as a graphic designer, and you are wondering which drawing tablet is the best for beginners. It is a great decision, and the road to mastering graphic design will undoubtedly be long and exciting, as we can attest. Blue Sky Graphics can help you excel in the field of graphic design. Check out the online graphic design course today!

However, looking for the appropriate tablet for your starting needs may be quite daunting. This article aims to simplify the process by highlighting the finest drawing pads for beginners, suitable for all budgets and meeting all key starting demands.

Which Tablet Is Best For Graphic Design
Which Tablet Is Best For Graphic Design

Wacom Intuos S

The Wacom Intuos S is an entry-level Wacom tablet that is extremely cheap. It is a fantastic choice for aspiring painters because it contains Corel AfterShot photo editing software and Corel Painter Essentials 6 drawing software.

The 6 by 3.7-inch drawing surface is tiny enough to be very portable yet large enough to allow comfortable drawing. Additionally, it connects through USB, while a Bluetooth-enabled version is available for around £22 extra.

Wacom Cintiq 22

The Wacom Cintiq 22 strikes an excellent blend of price and performance. It features a large drawing surface and a highly sensitive pen, providing you with an unparalleled sketching experience. You get all of this for a reasonably priced device that many believe to be the greatest graphic design tablet currently available. The tablet includes a Pen Pro 2, which has an industry-leading 8,192 pressure sensitivity levels.

The well-engineered screen has an anti-glare surface that provides a pleasant amount of drag when sketching. While you may discover less expensive alternatives from other manufacturers, very few, if any, will match the quality of the Cintiq 22.

Wacom Intuos Pro (Medium)

If you are a designer, you will not require the range of movement that an illustrator requires, which is why the smaller version of the Wacom Intuos Pro is ideal for you! Apart from the drawing area, you get eight shortcut buttons and a Touch Ring for quick access to frequently used tablet functions.

You will not have to switch between keyboard and tablet while concentrating on a critical job. Additionally, the Intuos Pro features multi-touch fingertip motions that enable you to zoom and pan around the current position.

15.6 XP-Pen Artist

The XP-Pen Artist gives you everything you need in a pen display if you are new to graphic design tablets. With a 15.6-inch drawing surface, you will have plenty of room to produce your work. To go along with the excellent screen, the stylus is fairly pleasant to grip and has a high degree of sensitivity.

This tablet keeps things simple: you will not find the same level of detail or additional functions as you would with the Wacom. Additionally, the offset between the on-screen pointer and pen tip may require some adjustment. However, it still performs well and has the potential to elevate your digital creativity to new heights.

Wacom Intuos Pro (Large)

If you desire plenty of space to sketch while making artwork, the Wacom Intuos Pro will give you the sensation of working on real paper. Additionally, the stylus feels natural at your fingertips and features an 8,000-level pressure sensitivity range.

While the active surface is not the largest in the industry, it is large enough to allow for comfortable drawing without running out of space. All of this is possible with the assistance of Wacom’s diverse selection of different pens and texture sheets that give your drawing surface a unique feel.

Wacom Cintiq 16

While this tablet is not as inexpensive as its Huion and XP-Pen cousins, it is far less expensive than the rest of its export-oriented siblings. Wacom’s 2019 entry-level tablet has a Pro Pen 2 pen with 8,192 levels of sensitivity, which is more than other similarly priced devices provide.

The Cintiq 16 features an exquisite display that enables you to convert your thoughts into works of art. It is encouraging to see Wacom, a well-known company, introduce an entry-level device that will not break the bank without sacrificing too much on quality.

Deco 03 XP-Pen

Deco 03 effectively combines beauty and practicality. Its ultra-sleek design in matte black will not only catch your eye but will also give an excellent feel. This tablet has a large active surface and an ergonomic pen for sketching enjoyment.

You have customisable Express keys as well as a multi-functional dial that lets you configure the system just as you want it. This way, you will spend less time fussing about the settings and more time concentrating on your work.

On the contrary, the Deco 03 is extremely small, and at 8mm, you must exercise extreme caution when handling it. If you can accomplish this, Deco 03 will be an excellent purchase for you!

Apple iPad Pro

When it comes to Apple products, there is no need to be concerned about the degree of quality. The iPad Pro exemplifies this with its exceptional flexibility and a plethora of new capabilities above prior versions. Among these include support for High Dynamic Range video, Apple’s latest A10X CPU, and a TrueTone display.

Although not as portable as the other devices on the list, the iPad Pro is still rather portable. It features a sharp display and a multitasking function that enables you to run two applications concurrently. This means that on one side, you may watch your favourite movies while thinking about the next detail to add to your unfinished artwork on the other.

The Apple Pencil, which is included with the iPad Pro, is one of the greatest drawing tools available. Its reaction rate will fool you into thinking you are using a real pencil, and its hardware offers an unmatched level of naturalness and fluidity.

The Apple Pencil, on the other hand, has a limitation: it can only be used with the iPad Pro. As a result, if you have another gadget, you will be unable to appreciate the quality of this one.