What Size Are Tumblr Headers

What Size Are Tumblr Headers

Tumblr may not always retain the original proportions of photographs you upload to your site. Tumblr employs custom variables to determine the maximum width of images you submit, and the blogging platform will resize an image if it does not fit the needed dimensions. To raise or reduce the size of picture postings, you may change the variables in your theme.

Dimensions that are supported

Tumblr limits the width of standard-resolution photographs to 100, 250, 400, or 500 pixels, depending on the tag used in a theme. The majority of The Theme Garden themes show graphics with a maximum width of 500 pixels. Images may be less than the given width but not wider. For example, if a theme restricts photographs to 400 pixels wide, your blog will not modify images 399 pixels or smaller, but will automatically shrink down images bigger than 400 pixels.

Posting Changes

Log in to Tumblr and then go to your account settings to alter how your blog displays images (link in Resources). To begin modifying your theme, choose your blog from the left menu and click “Customize” Click “Edit HTML” and use Find to look for “PhotoURL” (“Ctrl-F”). Press “Enter” to find code that looks like the following:
src=”PhotoURL-X” alt=”PhotoAlt”/> LinkOpenTagimg src=”PhotoURL-X” alt=”PhotoAlt”/>
The letter “X” stands for a number value. Change “{PhotoURL-X}” to “{PhotoURL-500},” “{PhotoURL-400},” “{PhotoURL-250}” or “{PhotoURL-100},” depending on the size of your photographs. To make your changes live, click “Update Preview” and then “Save”
Alternatively, you can create images in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator programs by learning graphic design at Blue Sky Graphics online graphic design course.
Photos in High Resolution
If you routinely submit huge photographs to your blog and find the normal tags too restrictive, you may replace the code with the “{PhotoURL-HighRes}” tag, as explained above. The “{PhotoURL-HighRes}” tag produces photographs that are more than twice the size of those rendered by the “{PhotoURL-500}” tag; Tumblr restricts the maximum width for high-resolution images to 1280 pixels. You may also use the Customize pane to look for high-resolution themes. Select “Browse Themes” from the drop-down menu after clicking “Hi-Res”

Photosets and portraits

Tumblr also limits the size of portraits and photosets. If your Tumblr theme enables you to use a profile picture with your blog, but you wish to change the size of your photo, look for “PortraitURL” in your theme to find the “{PortraitURL-X}” tag. Substitute one of the following integers for the value to the right of the dash: 16, 24, 30, 40, 48, 64, 96, or 128. For photosets, look for the “Photoset-X” tag and change the value to the right of the dash with “700,” “500,” “400,” or “250.” Each number determines the portrait’s or photoset’s maximum width.

How to Get Tumblr’s Original Size

When you post an image to Tumblr, it may be scaled to match the restrictions of various themes. To keep a photo’s original size for your blog’s users, change your theme’s HTML on Tumblr’s blog customization page. Tumblr arranges posting settings in HTML blocks and variables, so slightly adjust the text of the picture post block to show photographs in their original size.

Tumblr Icon Dimensions

A square picture serves as your Tumblr profile symbol. You should post it as a.JPG or.PNG file, with a maximum size of 128 by 128 pixels.
Your profile photo, often known as a “avatar,” is basically the same as a profile picture for Facebook or Twitter.
When someone clicks on your username, this picture will show at the top of your profile feed and as a thumbnail icon next to all of your posts.
As with any social media symbol, it’s critical to ensure that the picture is a good reflection of your business and different enough for your followers to identify you by. It will be simple to stand out using our design tools and this instruction.

Creating Tumblr Symbols

It’s normal to choose eye-catching, artistic pictures as your Tumblr symbol. And, of course, while choosing your picture, keep the pixels and suitable size in mind.
You should also evaluate how your symbol will appear with your banner design and make sure the colour palette and theme go nicely together.
Keep in mind that your icon will seem different on a desktop than it would on a mobile device. This is an example of how your Icon will appear on the desktop dashboard. The profile picture is located to the left of the post templates.

Creating Your Own Tumblr Icon

You’ll need an icon picture to modify your profile if you want to become a Tumblr blogger and promote your blog via social media marketing, or if you simply want to prowl around other people’s blogs.
Simply start a new document and use the design tools to create your high-quality shapes and forms, or you can upload your own picture and edit it with vector shapes.
Our auto-trace function, as well as other creative tools, make it simple to resize and edit your favourite photographs. Adding graphic design components to an existing picture is a terrific approach to create a one-of-a-kind design without starting from scratch.

Tumblr Header Dimensions

Your banner will be shown at 3000 x 1055 pixels on a desktop, but at 640 x 360 pixels on a mobile device.
Your Tumblr Banner, like your cover picture on Facebook, LinkedIn, or most other popular social networking networks, is the major marquee image shown at the top of your blog’s home page.
Make sure you submit an image that is at least 3000 × 1055 pixels in size so that your image displays at the desired quality. Also, keep an eye on your header image’s height, maximum size, and quality to ensure that it does not compress or seem grainy.
As a result, you should supply a banner picture with a 16:9 aspect ratio.
Your Tumblr banner picture is an excellent place to exhibit your own style and attract new followers to your site. Because it is part of a responsive website, your banner will stretch and show at varying widths depending on the device used to see it.