What Is The Size Of A Youtube Banner

What Is The Size Of A Youtube Banner 2022

Your YouTube banner is your first point of contact. It is the first step in establishing clear expectations for your channel.

However, in order for this to happen, you must be clear about what you stand for and what your YouTube content will cover.

This article will cover everything you need to know, from the recommended YouTube banner size to examples of great banner art.

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Let’s get started!

What is the optimal YouTube banner size?

What you need to know about YouTube channel art dimensions is as follows:

The recommended banner size for YouTube is 2,560 x 1,440 pixels.
Image dimensions must be at least 2,048 x 1,152 pixels.
Image Safe Area Minimum: 1,546 x 423 pixels
6MB is the maximum file size.
But this isn’t all there is to know. Continue reading to learn how to fill your YouTube banner canvas to the best of your ability!
The YouTube banner must be less than 6MB in size and use a platform-accepted file type (JPEG, PNG, GIF, or BMP).

To avoid looking blurry or pixelated on larger devices, avoid using the minimum image dimensions and instead use the recommended banner size.

What exactly is a’minimum image safe area,’ and why is it important?

Infographic in the size of a YouTube banner with a bright pink to orange gradient. The graph depicts the recommended YouTube banner size, the minimum image safe area, the maximum desktop size, and the safe area.

  • A) YouTube’s Banner Size Recommendation
    This is the ideal size for a YouTube banner that does not result in a blurry image.
  • B) Image Safe Zone Minimum
    These are the smallest banner dimensions you should use when uploading it. A design canvas with dimensions less than 2028 x 1152 pixels will not be accepted for upload.
  • C) Secure Zone
    This is the area that you can be certain will not be cropped out on different devices (keep all important elements like text or logos in the safe area)
  • D) Maximum Desktop Size
    This is the maximum width of your YouTube banner when viewed on desktop, depending on the size of your desktop.
    Don’t have a way to measure each pixel to ensure that everything fits?

Not a problem!

Keep your most important information as close to the centre of your banner as possible. When viewed on a phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or TV, anything placed on the far right or left, or near the very top or bottom, is at risk of being cut off.

How do you change the banner on your YouTube channel?

Navigate to your YouTube channel.
Select “customise channel.”
Navigate to ‘branding’ and select ‘banner image.’
To upload (or drag-and-drop) your banner image, click ‘change.’
This is where you’ll see your first indication of an incorrect file dimension. If you upload a banner that is less than 2048p x 1152p (the minimum YouTube banner size), the platform will prompt you to replace it.
Check your banner image’s view across desktop, mobile, and television once it’s been uploaded. If you notice that a portion of the image has been cropped and want to fix it, select “adjust crop.”
To fix the banner image and make it a size-fit, click and drag the highlighted box.
When you’re finished, click “done” to save the banner image.
Best Practices and Examples of YouTube Banners
An eye-catching YouTube banner effectively communicates the essence of your brand. Most importantly, it gives people a reason to watch your content.

Here are some best practises for avoiding this and creating a stunning banner that will entice people to watch one of your videos.

Add your brand’s face(s) to the banner image.

People want to interact with people. Make your brand more approachable by humanising it. Display your face or the faces of those who are involved in your content.
Find an innovative way to represent your brand through the banner
Create a collage of images that represent your brand. This can include behind-the-scenes footage or product images. Alternatively, you can take a more minimalist approach and use illustrations to help your audience connect with the brand.

Consider incorporating a tagline into your banner.

Add a one-liner that expresses what you’re posting about. This assists visitors in comprehending what you have to offer. And if it struck a chord with them, you may have a new subscriber! Ahrefs does this best with a straightforward but self-explanatory tagline.
Include the logos of magazines or publications in which you’ve been featured, as well as the logos of talks you’ve given or awards you’ve received, to add credibility to your channel. These can be a subtle plug in your banner, but they can help build a lot of authority.
Improve the clickability of your channel cover by including social media and website links in your channel settings. These can be superimposed on the art in a corner to drive clicks from it.

Frequently Asked Questions on YouTube

What is the recommended aspect ratio for the YouTube Banner size?
The recommended aspect ratio for banner images on YouTube is 16:9. Keep the size of your banner within 2560p x 1440p to ensure viewers can see it properly on all devices, especially mobiles.

How frequently should your YouTube banner be changed?

You can change your YouTube banner whenever you want.

If you have rebranded your channel or changed the context or aesthetics of your channel, you should upload a new banner that is consistent with the new branding and content.

If you’re introducing new features or products, have received an award or feature, or are launching something new—updating the channel art to include these elements would be fantastic.

Even if your banner image changes, keep your typography, elements, graphic designs, and colours consistent to keep your branding consistent and easily identifiable.

The only exception is if you’re rebranding your channel, in which case a full 360 makes sense.

How can I make my YouTube banner look good on all devices?

While cropping the edges of your banner is unavoidable when transitioning from mobile to desktop to TV, here’s what you can do to ensure the important parts are always visible:

Follow YouTube’s banner size recommendations: 2560p x 1440p. When viewed on larger devices, your banner art will most likely be blurry if you use the smallest image dimensions.
To avoid important parts being chopped off, keep key elements in the safe zone (the centre).

Should you use text or no text on your banner?

It is up to you whether to use a combination of text and graphics as the main focus or to create a banner out of either. There are no restrictions on the amount of creativity you can use in your YouTube channel art.

If including text will add more context to your banner and better communicate intent, go ahead and include it. If not, you can get by just fine with graphic-only banners.

What is the aspect ratio of a YouTube banner?

YouTube banners have a 16:9 aspect ratio.

What is the size of a YouTube banner in inches?

The recommended YouTube channel art banner size is 26.615 inches, and the minimum image size for a YouTube channel banner is 21.312 inches.