Top Colour Combinations That Will Attract Your Viewers

Top Colour Combinations That Will Attract Your Viewers

Whether you’re developing a new brand from scratch or producing an intriguing new product, colour may have a big impact on its overall message and efficacy. Certain colour combinations have the potential to capture our attention, produce emotion and ultimately make a lasting impression.

In this article, we’ll look at some fantastic colour schemes that may help your business make a huge impact.

Combining colours on the colour wheel: a brief overview

The secret to good colour mixing is knowing how different colours interact with one other. Mastering the colour wheel and colour harmonies (what works, what doesn’t and how colour communicates) can help you blend colours, develop a stronger brand and knowledgeably connect with your designers and printers.

Top Colour Combinations That Will Attract Your Viewers
Top Colour Combinations That Will Attract Your Viewers

Colour connections and colour combinations on the colour wheel

Understanding how colours interact and their connections on the colour wheel is crucial for good colour mixing.

The colour wheel consists of three basic colours (red, yellow, blue), three secondary colours (colours formed when primary colours are mixed: green, orange, purple) and six tertiary colours (colours made from primary and secondary colours, such as blue-green or red-violet) (colours made from primary and secondary colours, such as blue-green or red-violet).

Types of Hues

Draw a line through the centre of the wheel, and you’ll divide the warm colours (reds, oranges, yellows) from cool colours (blues, greens, purples) (blues, greens, purples).

Warm colours are linked with vitality, brightness, and activity, whereas cool colours are typically related with quiet, tranquilly, and serenity. When you recognise that colour has a temperature, you can understand how it can impact your message.
When colours work together, they form a colour scheme or colour combination.

Complementary colours are those that are opposed on the colour wheel. Due to the stark contrast between the two hues may truly bring pictures to life, but excessive use can become tedious.

On the colour wheel, analogous hues are adjacent to one another. When developing an analogous colour scheme, one colour will take precedence, another will serve as a support, and still another will serve as an accent.

Utilising the colour wheel, you may build an infinite number of fantastic colour schemes. It’s all about choosing the correct colour combo for the proper occasion. Learn more about graphic design and these colour combinations with Blue Sky Graphics graphic design course.

Stunning colour schemes for your next design

1. Raspberry and raisin

The stark contrast between these two hues generates an energising, dynamic energy. The use of bright pink conveys a sense of playfulness and youthfulness with a hint of femininity.

2. Vivid hues of red, seafoam, jade, and violet

This triadic mix features subdued, flowery hues that evoke feelings of rebirth and tranquilly with a vintage flare.

3. The primary colours are yellow, magenta, cyan, and black.

Almost every print job revolves on one of these four ink colours. They may be combined to create any colour conceivable. When combined, they produce a colour palette that is bright, modern, and vibrant.

4. A combination of mustard and black

Yellow and black work together to produce a masculine, contemporary, yet welcoming vibe. Additionally, this combination has a cultural connotation of “danger” or “warning.”

5. Vibrant hues of magenta, goldenrod, turquoise, and brick

This multicoloured palette crams a lot of flair into a little space. As the primary hue, Yellow conveys a sense of warmth and accessibility, while the accent colours infuse the design with a sense of fun and sophistication.

6. Pink and brown tones

Pink is contemporary, young, and wealthy, and combining various colours adds even more movement and depth to the design. Pink combined with dark brown gives a significant amount of contrast and severity.

7. Charcoal, gold, and grey

A wonderful balance of fun and gravitas. The gold suggests nature and joy, which contrasts well with the two distinct tones of black and grey that give maturity.

8. Mango, navy, almond, and red-orange

Against the neutral almond, this navy colour palette with flaming accents provides a sense of dependability and vitality.

9. Dark turquoise, tan, and black

This combination highlights turquoise’s flexibility as a hue associated with nature and rebirth on a natural, manly tan foundation.

10. Light grey, navy, ochre, burned sienna, and burnt sienna
Neutral backdrops enable the natural hues of this earth-tone design to leap from their packaging.

11. Powder blue, sapphire, and mauve

The mix of deep mauve and subtle powder blue screams femininity. The bright sapphire adds another dimension of modern elegance to the design.

12. Indigo, blue, and maroon

Blue, being the primary hue in this colour scheme, evokes feelings of trust and accountability. We experience cutting-edge passion as the gradient progresses towards indigo and maroon.

13. Raspberry and blue hues

As with the last palette, trustworthy blue is the base for this combo, while raspberry’s pinkish-purple accent provides rich elegance.

14. Shades of deep pine green, orange, and pale peach

Orange, as one of the least often utilised trademark colours, certainly sticks out in a crowd. This vibrant hue energises and enlivens. The light peach hue imparts a sense of youth, while the deep pine green accents impart warmth and natural comfort.

15. Marine foam, salmon, and navy

The ideal beachy colour pallet. This pastel palette of sea-foam, salmon, and navy highlights everyone’s favourite coastal hues and conveys the serenity and warmth associated with a day at the beach.

16. Vivid hues of red, green, and magenta

Vibrant femininity, sumptuous luxury, and a dash of audacious life. This excellent combination crams a lot of information into three basic hues and instantly breathes new life into any plain black and white design.

17. Various shades of teal, coral, turquoise, and grey

This complementary colour scheme combines the tranquilly of blue-greens with little flashes of coral passion. A refined grey completes the pallet.

18. Hot pink, fuchsia, sepia, and dark violet

In this beautiful combo, brilliant warmth brings a golden hour sunset to life. Three distinct colours of pink and violet inspire elegance, while the sepia accent lends an antique vibe.

19. Pale pink, sage, blue sky, and grape

Another lovely tropical palette: these four hues evoke the very best of beach life. Their pastel hues maintain their youthful, contemporary, and cheerful demeanour.

20. Tan, beige, and black-brown

Three brown hues mix to create a vintage-inspired palette that is both traditional and serious, as well as warm and inviting.