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Graphic Design Learning Glasgow – Graphic Design Facts and Stats

Though you probably don’t realise it, graphic design is actually all around you and is pretty much everywhere that you look. From the logo on the front of your favourite box of cereal, to the packaging your Christmas presents arrive in, graphic design plays a part in numerous processes, especially relating to marketing and advertising.

In much of the UK, and the north, graphic design interest has skyrocketed, and this is particularly true in Scotland. The number of people training to become graphic designers in Scotland is now higher than ever before, which is why graphic design learning Glasgow is now so popular.

With so many businesses relying on graphic designers, and with graphic design constantly changing and evolving, it pays to stay in the loop and to keep updated with the various goings on of the graphic design world.

If you want to become a graphic designer, or simply learn a little more about the trade, here’s a look at some graphic design facts and statistics you might not have been aware of.

Most graphic designers are freelancers

One of the best things about becoming a freelancer is the fact that, as you’re self-employed, you get to call the shots, be your own boss, and work when you like, for whomever you like.

Needless to say, being a freelancer has its appeals, which is why most graphic designers choose to become freelancer. In fact, more than 90% of all graphic designers out there are freelancers. Does this mean you yourself need to become a freelancer? Absolutely not, though statistically, it is likely that you will.

Companies are willing to spend big money on graphic design

Here in the UK, and indeed worldwide, graphic design is worth a lot of money.

While exact figures may vary as a result of the goings on in the world, businesses are not afraid to dig deep into their pockets and spend money on graphic design, as it is so important for marketing and advertising.

In fact, each year on average in the UK, businesses spend a staggering £33.5 Billion on graphic design, so that shows that the potential for big money is there. Does this mean you’ll nail a contract with a large UK company listed on the FTSE 100? Of course not, but it does show that the big contracts are out there and the potential to make some serious money is there also.

Graphic design revenue is also very vast

We know that companies spend a lot of money on design, but that’s not revenue, as revenue is basically income generated by good and/or services.

In this instance, graphic design revenue worldwide is a staggering $45.8 Billion in 2021, and 2022 looks set to be even bigger, as more and more businesses jump online and establish an online presence for themselves.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, in Pounds Sterling, that comes in at £34.5 Billion.

The graphic design industry is ever expanding

As mentioned, as more businesses look to establish an online presence and build their brand, the need for graphic designers in the UK is going to increase exponentially.

Experts predict that from 2018 up until 2028, the graphic design industry is going to expand by more than 3%, creating over 11,000 new jobs in the graphic design sector. This is yet another reason why graphic design learning Glasgow online courses are filling up so quickly.

Females are slightly more likely to be graphic designers than males

Now, before we get accused of generalising, just remember that the info presented here today is from reliable sources and is statistically accurate.

According to market research, women are statistically more likely to be graphic designers than men, as worldwide, 53.4% of graphic designers are female, compared with 46.6% being male.

The average salary is very impressive

Graphic design not only provides creative freedom and the potential to be your own boss, it can also provide financial freedom as well.

The average graphic designer salary here in the UK as of this writing, starts at £23,544. While this is a very healthy salary, the potential to earn considerably more money is also there, as you can easily earn upwards of £60,000 per year.

Best of all is the fact that, as you are self-employed, you set the hours that you work and you get to dictate when you work, and how much work you take on.

Small businesses are willing to spend good money on graphic design

Once you sign up for graphic design learning Glasgow courses online, you’ll quickly learn that businesses are willing to spend good money on graphic design.

Once you’re familiar with graphic design, things like designing a company logo will come as second nature to you, and won’t take you very long at all. So then, it should be music to your ears to hear that market research has found that small businesses are willing to spend upwards of £300 on a company logo.

Colour plays a big part in graphic design

Graphic design can make or break a business, and if you want to ensure that your designs are successful and that they go down well with your clients, you are going to have to ensure that you really nail your colours.

Based on market research, it takes a customer an average of 90 seconds to decide whether or not they will be buying from you. This is all based upon a company website. Furthermore, it has been found that between 62% and 90% of the decisions that people make on websites, are determined by the colours being used on the site itself.