Web Design and UX UI Design Courses   Bournemouth

Web Design and UX UI Design Courses   Bournemouth

Web design is a tool for communicating ideas in art and technology. The designer uses various communication methods to convey a message from a client to a broader public. The main methods are image and typography. So if you dream of being a designer, you are on the right site! With some knowledge about our courses regarding graphic design and our teaching techniques, we will show you how to turn your dreams into reality.

Online Education

Online training has been a successful choice for students for a while now who cannot receive on-site education for various reasons. And although basic online courses are still available, both technology and online pedagogy have improved dramatically over the last decade. And now, it seems quite unexpectedly there are more and more instances in which online schooling truly surpasses its conventional teaching equivalent. Evidence of student performance and preference is mounting for the online classroom, which would help all of us generally.

Web Design Course

Web design focuses on the planning, design and execution of graphics for a variety of websites. During the course, you’ll be taught how to function and work with Photoshop, Elementor and WordPress in web design, graphic design, colour theory, home pages and internal pages.

When the web design course is complete, you will most importantly have built your own portfolio as well as a detailed rundown of the certification syllabus.

The web design course is designed to allow you to use advanced innovative technological tools and techniques to create new websites and redesign existing ones to explore a website’s architecture, visual appearance and usability.

During this course you will be trained in many main areas including: web design, graphic architecture, colour theory, design codes, web interface design, home page creation and intranet web. All of this will be applied through a range of software development applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress and Elementor.

You will need prior working knowledge of graphic design software as a foundation to build on whilst getting to grips with CSS and writing web pages in a combination of codes.


For millions of online presences WordPress has been used to push. One thing is sure, if WordPress ceased to exist, 28% of the internet would be gone. It’s hard to imagine what the future would be only WordPress.

Use it to build almost any website you might think of. Here’s just a small example of what kind of sites WordPress is ideal for:

Most web designers and developers are using WordPress to create sites for small and large businesses alike.

Most internet marketers are using WordPress to create high-end advertising and landing pages for their goods and items, mostly because you can set it up faster than an HTML file, and also because it is versatile.

News Pages: WordPress’ blog format works well for news articles and many of the same features often lend themselves to news and blogging sites.

Online Portfolios: With the right WordPress theme, you can showcase your accomplishments and skills, or showcase your work and past projects.


Elementor is a drag-and-drop WordPress building website. With a visual editor you can create magnificent pages. It’s designed to rapidly construct interactive websites. This WordPress plugin is a complete solution that allows the management of all aspects of web design possible on a single platform.

Elementor is a fantastic tool to build everything from your entire website to individual web pages. There are also pages of ads, advertising pages and even custom forms. This platform will allow you to design every page of your WordPress website you can imagine.

No HTML / CSS / PHP / coding skills are required — all can be done through a handy user-facing interface.

And, most importantly, it works with all WordPress styles, so you can retain your current design and still get all the Elementor goodness that comes with it.

Adobe XD

The name XD remains for Experience Design, which says what you can do with it: Design Interactive User Interfaces. Designs can be worked out and made directly interactive by a prototype.

Adobe XD is a popular framework that UI / UX designers, web designers and mobile app designers use. It has a certain intuitive feature that decreases working time. The biggest advantage of XD is that design and prototyping are both combined.

You’ve made some transitions that you can see and improve. A live demo is a significant step towards XD prototyping. It’s like a second screen that immediately displays the prototype. If you make changes to your designs or transitions, you will immediately preview your changes.

UX UI Design

UX design applies to “user experience design” and UI for “user interface design.” Both products are important and function closely together. In spite of their shared relationships, however, the Roles themselves vary significantly and apply to very different aspects of the product cycle and the design discipline. UX design course is an advanced course suitable for those who already know the graphic design techniques.

UX refers to something that can be experienced. The “user experience” component refers to the customer-product or service interaction. The design of the user experience therefore takes account of all the different elements that shape this experience.

Although user experience is a set of tasks focused on product optimization for efficient and enjoyable use, user interface design is complementary; look and feel, product layout and interactivity. The design of user interfaces is a pure digital phenomenon. It takes into account all visual, interactive elements of the user interface, including buttons, icons, positioning, typography, colour scheme and responsive design.

Work from Home

Since you can learn these courses online at home, you can also start working at home and earn money! Do not underestimate the value of being comfortable and having a pleasant and focused experience for your work environment. It could be worth choosing a certain place in your home that you can align with your job and avoid when you’re off the clock.

Set a routine before you start your day or a “To-Do” list and make sure you follow it as closely as possible. Having clearly defined working days and instructions on when to work and when to call it a day helps to formalise many people who work from home. This, in effect, will help you build and adhere to a healthy work balance.

It’s a great opportunity for housewives and part-time workers who find it difficult to get away from busy life at home and work. Some people use their excellent skills to make money on freelance sites like Fiverr, Freelancer and Peopleperhour!