Trust in your Graphic Designer

I have long said that trust is something that is to be earned, there is no credibility in anonymous sources and authenticity should be real especially in the context of considering a new course or in education generally . And unfortunately, so much of the global digital space is not only letting us, the consumer, down, it’s actually letting itself down too.

Through that hard-fought mission of earning trust, not only do some of the UK’s leading Graphic Design studios partner with us to up skill their own junior Designers, but many of Britain’s future Graphic Designers entrust us with their time and training requirements  by give us their cerebral keys to their most commanding creative curiosities: their creative inquisitiveness, their desire to up skill, their presence and time to be taught a new skill and of course their passion for graphic design. 

Han - Graphic Design Master Tutor

Think outstanding Freelance Graphic Designer, Logo Designer, Fashion Designer, Interior Designer, Web Designer and 19 other HUGE media and Graphic Design companies. 

We have deep and longstanding relationships with many students who have gone to become highly successful Graphic Designers, multiple brands in the fitness, lifestyle and sports industries including Dadima’s, Solo Graphic Design, Dlicious, Whittard’s, Cambridge University Press, STUDIO_ART 4 Production and many more. 
However, I was recently asked by a technology news journalist: “Who is your most important graphic design client training with?” And, I answered: “The consumer.” I think he was probably expecting me to say MSC cruises, Bentley or Barclays Bank. But I have never been more to-the-point on why consumers are important.

Making a graphic design portfolio and learning to master the manipulations of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign will in theory anyone to become Graphic Design qualified. But was that student journey thorough, professional, comprehensively structured in the training? Was the syllabus industry aligned?
Following their background was that student review real, genuine and to the point or biased, fake or redacted? Does that graphic design “student” come from a trusted Graphic Design Training expert company or a phoney  D-I-Y video tutorial course such as some of those offered on the doors-wide-open free tutorial web that lacks careful attention, quality supervision and authenticity, student writing?

It’s VERY simple for us here: our graphic design syllabus is expertly curated and real and it’s getting into the hands of real people who really trust us. As the joint Director of UK Blue Sky Graphics and Master Graphic Designer I put my name and credibility to this fact every single day and I guarantee that 100%. Real graphic design people are engaging with us every time. We live by the fact that credibility comes from student success. And we deliver as we have been for over 10 years and counting!
But don’t just take my word for it. How about considering the following facts from our October 2018-October 2019 intake?

96% of student enrolment finished their course making a portfolio.
94% of those that had enrolled wanting to secure graphic design work had found work within 5 weeks of finishing their course.
66% of companies are happy to pay up to £495 for a company logo.
Graphic Design establishes company brand identity and it increases brand awareness and retention. It sets company’s apart from the competition and it increases the perceived value of the company business. It also reaches and engages more people.

Senior Graphic Design Tutor

So, where does that leave our graphic design training offerings? Again, we are 100% confident that our Graphic Design students are on the whole satisfied and qualified people because they are REAL students who have studied at Blue Sky Graphics. We KNOW they are real students who have really made portfolio to take with them ahead of their real interview for client work or real Freelance projects and really get paid for working part-time or full-time and go on to become highly qualified professional Graphic Designers. Have I said “real” enough times?

Much of the digital media landscape today is obsessed with likes, views, fake feedback and social which, as we know, are riddled with bots. Fraud is therefore crippling this area. Thank goodness we are not in that game – but we still want it to be cleaned up for all of our sakes. This TripAdvisor story  has the right idea: “Any firm breaking the rules may face prosecution, stiff fines and possibly even jail terms for its staff.” Long let that rule be enforced and long let credibility rest on success.

Getting started

When you are ready to further your graphic design career all you have to do is enrol and you can do so by contacting us here.

If you think that distance learning can really jump start your graphic design career as a freelancer or hobby, or In-House Designer, then you should sign up today. Our courses are very affordable and within 10 months you will be a pro using InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Start your distance learning online course now and see a dramatic difference in your creative journey.

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