Graphic design is a thriving industry found in multiple sectors, businesses and organisations across the world from corporate marketing teams to publishing houses and school fairs as well as everything in between. Graphic design is about lots of things but primarily it is about communication.

The importance of graphic design in business

The online sphere is growing at a faster rate than ever before and this communication has expanded to suit business needs. These business needs in more recent times include the commercial necessity to reach audiences at home in lockdown and quarantine, but also more generally online and in print.

While there are a lot of computer programs out there for design such as the fairly user-friendly platforms like Canva and Crello , these are considered unprofessional graphic design platform. They are not industry compliant standards nor efficient although with these platforms many people can handle basic graphic design projects themselves.

More often than not, this ends up not working out and in hindsight results in wasting valuable time. Companies and marketing teams end up hiring a graphic designer and forking over a lot of extra money, but if budget permits then why should it matter? The reality is budgets are tight across many businesses and because of this more savvy marketing departments are up-skill their internal staff and taking formal training to quickly assimilate the skills, knowledge and training required to excel as a graphic designer.

At Blue Sky Graphics we are proud of training many clients to be proficient graphic designers year on year from businesses such as John Lewis and Partners, Mitsubishi UK as well as Cambridge University Press. In this way companies that need to quickly and efficaciously train their internal teams to use graphic design can do so themselves in as little as 4 months. Check out our courses here. 

Why is graphic design so important for business?

Businesses use graphic design for multiple reasons from marketing, advertising, aesthetics and communication, but one of those reasons is brand recognition.

Brand recognition is a term that can be more or less described as the extent to which consumers can identify a brand from its visual images and products. This process of ‘recognition’ can be further analysed as an emotional construction or manipulation to enable the viewer or consumer to recognise using colours, fonts, shapes, vectors and general graphic design. This is not to get confused with brand awareness.

Graphic design has the ability to engage consumers whether that’s via the businesses website, info-graphics or digital or print media. A message which is accompanied by a newsworthy and captivating visual image will keep consumers engaged for a longer period of time. Companies often refer to ROI (Return on Investment) as well as the concept of brand awareness. Good graphic design will pave the way for good measurement or performance of a company.

When consumers recall information about a brand, this is known as brand awareness.

The importance of graphic design in business

To break it down, a company’s brand image all starts with a great logo and this relates to brand recognition. The logo design needs to be created with businesses desired or target audience in mind as well as representing the organisation in a captivating, appealing and touching way- these ingredients should therefore captivate, appeal and touch audiences and consumers and that is the work of a graphic designer. The logo provides a basis for your visual brand . However it also needs to communicate your brand attributes and personality by using visual cues like colours, emblems, icons fonts, symbols and shapes. And it needs to do it in a way that’s simple, unambiguous, way that is versatile across media.

While you might right now be thinking of taking training in graphic design, brushing up your skill or even opening a company to figure out what to call your new business, but as you get closer to launching, the need for a logo will unequivocally pop up, especially if you’re designing a website or business cards yourself. When you’re on the cusp of starting a new business, pursuing a passion project, or testing a concept, you may not think much about designing a logo. You will need training and how to operate the magical Adobe software and that is where Blue Sky Graphics can help!

The importance of graphic design in business

A logo will give your company identity so it is important the logo is sharp and it will also have to be compatible and suited to a range of print and digital media including websites, apps, posters, business cards, brochures, and flyers. To do this, you will need an exceptional graphic design. The 0110 Graphic Design Course at Blue Sky Graphics deals in depth with the essence of making a great logo for your own business or organisation.

The importance of graphic design in business

A logo also makes the brand stickier so that it can communicate professionalism and builds trust which are 2 things nearly every business wants to ascertain (loyalty, trust and professional image).  For more details information on logo design read this article.

Graphic design is therefore important for any business that aims to make impressions that is not only impacting and unique but also with affirmative associations. The first time a visitor interacts with a company brand in any capacity will set the tone for the rest of their business relationship. In this way the old saying first impressions count is relevant.

First impressions are key and the very first interaction that a lead or customer may interact (touch, smell or see) could well be a graphic designed flyer, website, business card, logo, an online ad, a magazine advert or even your latest social media post, or even your product packaging. It is important that all these key items are designed for a high-quality finish.

Should you wish to take advantage of the embryonic buyer’s journey by implementing relevant, updated graphics across business cards, websites, flyers as well as much more, but not sure how to then the 0110 Graphic Design Course covers most marketing collateral for commercial purposes. 

The importance of graphic design in business

When a lead or consumer hears about the brand that you have masterminded, they are probably going to do some preliminary research on your website before making the decision to transact and buy into your product. Some things to think about is what does your website homepage says about your brand? What are the colours, fonts, layout and organisaiton of elements saying about your business? Are there bright, cheery colours with impulsive fonts or q quick fix from Canva? Or did you use smooth, professional design elements with grey and silver hues?

Importance of graphic designing: Express information in the tonality you want and improve communication.

  1. Transferring or communicating information effectively and logistically is a complex task.  By logistically we mean that you channel your consumer, buyer, reader or client into a certain thinking pattern or with a specific aim.

  2. Therefore, combining graphic design can give your business a breakthrough on social media platforms. This is why there are many companies and brand in particular that get together with social media marking agencies to communicate in different forms.

  3. Guess what?  These marketing agencies often outsource graphic design work, when you could actually do it yourself. There are lots of reasons why being in charge and overseeing your own graphic design is advantageous from saving money to having more control over communication.
The importance of graphic design in business
  1. All forms of graphics are the digital face of any business.Website visitors judge and make an impression about your business websites feel and image simply by seeing the designs. Attractive website design can be powerful and not only persuade but also convince the consumer to make a purchase, but it can also enable the new potential customers to trust you and feel welcome.

  2. Remember, good content is important but good design converts! Many people underestimate the power of good graphic design. Think about things like composition, balance, colours and you are talking good design But, the truth is good design converts. If a customer looks at a website with mediocre design, chances are they may not remember it and they may or may not decide to purchase something. But, if the website has an really great catchy, professional-looking sleek design they are a lot more likely to remember it and buy into your brand or business goals and objectives. This in turn creates trust.
The importance of graphic design in business
  1. If you stop and realise the importance of graphic design with business, a graphic designer is simply another marketing weapon. The way they design something can make the difference between a business that is successful and fulfills lots of sales or unsuccessful and little sales.
  1. Do not forget there are different ways of becoming a graphic designer. Put ten Graphic Designers into a room and ask how they got there and you’ll be told a variety of ways from formal training and online learning to no education whatsoever.

There’s no ‘one true path’ towards a successful graphic design career, but rather a variety of routes to pursue, none of which are mutually exclusive. At Blue Sky Graphics, we train the best future designers. We have been teaching for over 15 years and our lessons are one to one and it is like being in a normal classroom except it takes place remotely. We use an educational conferencing virtual classroom. This is where if you enrol all your classes will take place.

Our teachers love graphic design and so do our students.  It’s about seizing opportunities, working hard, and attacking every project with energy, desire, and passion. 

Power to persuade potential customers

As a graphic designer, you will be aware that for a business or commercial organisation it is very important to narrate the objectives in the form of a story to capture customers’ attention.

This is commonly referred to as storytelling and we are not talking about a rendition of the Shakespearean play Romeo and Juliet but rather an enchanted Disney inspired story depicting amazing graphics while delivering the logistical aims of the business. The graphics used by any brand should have the ability to strongly persuade its audience.

Money and time are important and there is no point beating around the bush. As someone starting your own business or perhaps an already existing business owner, the chances are that you already have a lot on your plate. If you decide to tackle the graphic design on your own, that means you are putting down some other important thing you’re working on.

Questions often arise like can I really afford to take more time away from my other work? Plus, if you don’t already know the basics of graphic design, you will need to learn (which we can assist with by the way). That’s a lot of time lost that could have perhaps been put towards working on other elements of your business or commercial organisation. And, as we all know, time is money. When you pay someone to do your graphic design, you are giving yourself more time to make more money for your business, but you are also losing control, remaining unhappy with the work you asked for because the designer did not fully show understanding your brief or worse, had a brief of their own and expedited it to the end.

In conclusion, we come across thousands of brands in our day to day life. But we remember only a few. Think about why we remember a few and think about the role that graphic design plays in this outcome. Once you do this, you will realise that few brands mark a presence in our minds unless their brand is strong and their colourful and creative graphics are impressionable. 

A good graphic can make a brand or break the reputation of the brand be it big or small.

Companies often employ graphic designers and use marketing teams to assist with this task. By learning and mastering the art of graphic design you too can perform the designing task by learning with the experts at Blue Sky Graphics. Many decisions will come down to time and money and if you have under 8 months to train then you can become a professional graphic designer.  Or hire any digital marketing company to present their clear vision to the public and pay more money with less control of the result.

The importance of graphic design in business

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