Student of the month - Jen Brewer

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Student of the month: Jen Brewer 
Jen always knew she was destined for a creative career and joined Blue Sky Graphics back in 2019.  Having a wide variety of creative interests, she knew graphic design was the way forward for her and has now opened her boutique creative service. After studying on the online one-to-one course Jen she graduated and dived into a new career in under a year!  

Some facts about Jen:

Jen loves colour- she’s never shy to use colour to express a mood or feeling.

Designing feels like an escape, Jen can do it for hours and it feels like 5 minutes. It’s totally exciting that the way you might design a piece means to can make someone feel an emotion.

Favourite artist- Matisse. He evolved his art until the day he died.  She never wants to be stagnant in her design.

Guilty pleasure…… chips and dip!

Favourite Place – South Africa!   

Fast forward time and she is now at the top of her game and is working as a freelance designer and illustrator working with a  range of clients including the odd social media post for BSG.   Many of our graduate’s fine work within 3  months of graduating often within entertainment, fashion and hospitality industries, but a lot of freelance projects too. 

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