Online Learning Graphic Design Software UK

Online Learning Graphic Design Software

Contrary to popular belief, graphic design is not a disappearing profession. It’s not difficult to understand why some individuals think this. It’s clear why some people have abandoned graphic design, from industry saturation to the introduction of free and user-friendly graphic design tools.
You can learn Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign graphic design softwares through Blue Sky Graphics online graphic design courses.

Is graphic design facing extinction?

No, unequivocally no. According to a recent research, the business earned £15 billion in revenue in 2019, increasing at a compound annual growth rate of 3.5 percent. It is projected to expand at a 2.7 percent annual rate to reach a value of £14.8 billion.
Blue Sky Graphics exemplifies the continued viability of graphic design as a career. Hundreds of businesses have entrusted us with all of their graphic design requirements. If you’re still not convinced, continue reading to discover why graphic design is not dead and will survive for an extended length of time.

Online Learning Graphic Design Software
Online Learning Graphic Design Software

Why Are Some People Fearful That Graphic Design Will Become Extinct?

You may be shocked to learn that some believe graphic design is already extinct. It’s fair, all the more so for graphic artists who have faced tough competition in the past. As long as cheap PCs and free design tools are available, fake graphic designers will continue to gain popularity. It sometimes takes over the employment of capable individuals.

Logo Design

Additionally, websites that offer to make a logo for £5 or similar gimmicks promote the idea that graphic design is dead. These outlets provide nothing but low-cost graphic design. If you want to make a statement with your company, a templated logo or website will not suffice.
A few business owners may also be blamed for the supposed demise of graphic design. Graphic design, according to some business owners, is a one-time event. Once the website, logo, and letterhead are complete, it’s time to release the designer. We’ll explain why this should not be the case later.

Why Do Businesses Employ Graphic Designers?

As any seasoned entrepreneur can attest, graphic design is an integral part of running a business. However, some circumstances, such as a lack of funds, may compel small business owners to postpone hiring graphic designers. And some believe that once their brand identities are established, they no longer need the skills of a designer.

Graphic design is a never-ending process for your business; here’s why:

Brand Identity Consistency

Your brand identity is your primary point of contact with your consumers. It may be costly to entrust the scheme’s continuity to someone inexperienced with visual design. Protecting your visual identity is critical, and this can only be done with the help of a professional.

Make Yourself an Inspiration

A well-designed environment serves as a motivator. This edge in graphic design may help both your consumers and workers. A visually attractive design may entice customers and motivate workers to spread the word about your company.

Allow for some wiggle room

A competent graphic designer can help your company adapt to the constantly changing digital landscape. Technology is always evolving, and your business must keep up. A well-designed website and other design elements are accessible on a variety of devices and platforms.

The Firefox logo has been changed many times during its existence. This graphic depicts the evolution of a complex design into a more streamlined one.

Acquire Novel Viewpoints

At times, graphic design may get stale, but a competent designer can help keep it fresh. You’ll get new views and information from someone outside your organisation. A graphic designer will collaborate with you to develop novel concepts that will ensure the viability of your company.


Technological advancements must indicate that artificial intelligence (AI) will eventually be able to do the majority of human labour. While this is true, some sectors that need innovation will never go. While you may have the most engaging website in your market, it will soon become dull and stale in the absence of innovation and originality.

Distinguish Yourself from the Competition

A skilled graphic designer can assist you in standing out from the crowd. Each of the WordPress themes on this page has a function, and every now and then, a template will take you to a hidden gem of web design. However, do not be shocked if you find that some other websites share your design. Your company is distinctive, and so should the design of your website.

It enables you to save on both time and money.

Entrepreneurs are overburdened with responsibilities. Outsourcing the design task to a professional graphic designer relieves you of the worry involved with getting the design correct. You’ll have more time and energy to devote to your company’s most important functions.

Why Graphic Design Will Never Fade

Graphic design will always be required in some capacity for your company. Not only is there no such thing as a one-size-fits-all strategy, but there are also custom-designed visuals. Graphic design must be incorporated in every project, whether it is a website, promotional items, business branding, online and print design, or anything else. Graphic designers are essential components of every organisation, and their success is directly related to their work. Graphic design has evolved into a vital asset and investment for businesses.

Evolution of Computing and Graphic Design

Graphic design will evolve in lockstep with the advancement of technology. The availability of technology has impacted major graphic design trends such as card design, material design, responsive design, and single page design. While graphic designers are now using computers to create digital versions of paper documents, this may change as computer interfaces improve.

Minimalist aesthetic

Graphic design is now experiencing a significant resurgence of the minimalist aesthetic. Businesses and freelancers like simple, clean, and crisp designs because they allow them to communicate the most critical information fast. These designs are well-balanced, often using just a few basic colours, yet have a unique and eye-catching appearance. Rather of immediately diving into computer programmes, graphic design students will first master a variety of drawing methods.
Given the widespread use of graphic design tools, the best designs will include hand-drawn images rather than computer-generated ones. The business’s work has shifted away from complex computer design and toward a more straightforward, minimalistic, handcrafted aesthetic. The business cards seem to have been created by a human artist rather than a computer.