How Do You Get Special Effects On Photos?

How Do You Get Special Effects On Photos?

If a photo is worth a thousand words, a picture with the right result is worth a million. And those million words could be translated into social media shares, which could turn into business. That’s right: From regular photos to social posting, all due to a few photo results. Blue Sky Graphics offers online graphic design course to students all around Europe.

But how are you going to implement such effects? Turn to your Android smartphone and the Google Play Store. There, you will find a lot of tools that can give those photos just the right look you need to make your product, company, or service even more likely to be viral.

Be alert, though: this group is a minefield of poor apps that either do not do as they say or are packed with too many advertisements they render the product worthless. I chose five of my favourites to help you win out the bad ones. Let us dig deep to see what applications are best for you and what they can do for you.

How Do You Get Special Effects On Photos
How Do You Get Special Effects On Photos

1: Paper-based camera

Paper Camera is basically a full-blown camera programme that has some impressive results. But only because this software is just a camera, do not believe you should not add the included range of effects to the images you have already taken. You should do it. Effects involve animation, sketch, graphic book, half-tone, black, fluorescent, and more. Paper Camera can operate on either front or rear-facing cameras.

The one thing you need to note about this software is that, as the name suggests, it is all about paper sketches—so that is the kind of results you can imagine. Yet Paper Camera does them better than any other smartphones. The Paper Camera is not easy. But the low price of 99 cents is worth a bit of pseudo-copper you put down.

2: Adobe Lightroom Mobile Photoshop

If you are searching for an app to really hit your images, how would you go wrong with industry standards like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom? Believe it or not, Adobe made this software accessible on Android, and also made it online (which is astounding, considering how powerful the app is). With Photoshop Lightroom Mobile, you will focus on painting, white balance, temperature, vintage, tone curve, and more. The app is swift, offers a wonderful (and remarkably easy-to-use interface), and can take your images to the stage you would not be able to achieve otherwise.

If you have finished working with your shot, you can save it to your collections or even post it via the normal Android sharing mechanism. You may use this software without an account, but if you sign in with an Adobe ID, you can get extra functionality (such as real-time syncing). You will still register for a free trial. I have discovered that interacting with Lightroom without logging in is everything I need.


Pixlr is not yet a web-app that wants to substitute Gimp or Photoshop. It is also a smartphone app that does a great job of applying effects to your snaps. Some of the results you could see on the cute side, but others that are not really going to help make those pictures pop.
One of Pixlr’s pretty nice features helps you to make simple collages from existing images (great for marketing purposes) and even add effects to those. Pixlr is online, but it has advertising. Often the advertising can get a little annoying, but with the amount of cool applications you get, the ads are worth living with.

4. The cupslice

There’s one thing you ought to understand about Cupslice. Its main target demographic is the self-addicted masses. But the fact that it includes stickers and frames does not deter you from its various photo results, many of which do a wonderful job of helping you create small changes to your images to offer them a finished appearance. This is a basic software that can be used by anybody. You can also download new stickers (if that function appeals to you) from the app store.
Any consumers would really enjoy a specific function. Since you can add text to the photos, you can attach your business name and change the transparency to make a simple watermark. Cupslice is free and is a perfect place to explore how picture editing will happen on a mobile device.

5: Photor Poto Editor

Fotor Photo Editor is surprisingly sophisticated, particularly given that it is now a free app. Fotor allows you a lot of power over your snaps, including enhancements, (lighting) scenes, effects, and more.
From inside its advanced controls, Fotor enables you to modify the vignette, shadows, highlights, temperature, tint, RGB, and curve of the picture. You can rotate, crop, add frames and stickers, pixel and even change the focus of the shot, give it a slightly tilting-shift look. The interface of the Fotor is simple to understand. There are no advertisements on this platform, but you can buy in-app effects, fonts, photos, stickers, and collages.

Fotor Photo Editor is surprisingly sophisticated, particularly given that it is now a free app.
Fotor Photo Editor is surprisingly sophisticated, particularly given that it is now a free app.

Specific Effects

When you want your images to concentrate mainly on style and special effects, or to simply stick out and appear original, then consider utilising specifically designed Photoshop acts. Here, we have selected ten of our favourites to help you get started with making awesome FX images.

1. Geometric Haze 2 Photoshop Action 2.

Geometric Haze 2 Photoshop Action is a perfect way to turn your shots into a scene of intricate geometric shapes. An influence that brings science-fiction movies and futuristic environments to mind, this activity adds atmosphere and interest to your pictures.

Aquarium—Underwater Photoshop Action

Plunge the pictures through the watery waters of the Aquarium Underwater Photoshop Action. Easily connect or adjust items and colours to the action directories, like fish, a submarine and more!

3. FX Anaglyph/Glitch Photo

Glitch effects and anaglyphs are in vogue, and this Adobe Photoshop download allows you to quickly achieve the effect with a still picture. In case you get lost, there is an online video included.

4. Lo-Fi Photo Action

Achieve a retro, antique portrait special effect from any of your photos with the Lo-Fi Filter Action for Photoshop. It is simple to customise, only modify the layer settings and pick from a list of 10 light leak effects.

5. Vintage Letterpress Text Effects Vol.

Vintage Letterpress has ten distinct designs that function with text, shapes and pictures. It is the right look for retro game designs, posters or fan art. There is a connection to the free fonts used, included with the download.

6. Exciting Photoshop Action

Create crazy fun photographic manipulations to transform your photographs into pieces of art with the action of the Fervent Photoshop. Smoke, light effects, clouds and colour grading will lend your pictures a wow factor.

7. Liquidum—Transparent Photoshop Painting Action

Use Liquidum to transform your image into a highly informative, translucent item. There are 20 presets to select from and all graphics features are entirely editable.