How Do I Turn A Drawing Into A Logo Without Photoshop?

How Do I Turn A Drawing Into A Logo Without Photoshop?

You do not find it difficult to create a logo for your website. However, designing a positive, appealing, and skilled logo for your website can require many days of work. The majority of bloggers use Photoshop to create logos for their websites or posts.

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are widely used for logo creation. These programmes, however, are not necessary to produce a special logo for your website or blog.

Perhaps you are a writer who is unfamiliar with Photoshop. So, how can you make a logo without Photoshop? Don’t panic, this is the post for you! I’ll show you how to make a logo without using Photoshop or Illustrator.

Is Photoshop a good tool for logo design? Are there any better options?

Many well-known designers have come out and said, “Using Photoshop to produce a logo can lead you down the road of redesigning a logo over and over, particularly when PS fails to meet physical dimensions and dpi specifications (without pixilation).”
Both logos created in Adobe Photoshop can be downloaded as an SVG file with no quality loss. Best of all, it is less expensive than Photoshop when creating a logo. A logo in less than 500 px * 500 px in scale is free in Adobe Photoshop. The Plus package for a logo template is currently on sale for £39.99, and includes a lifetime download of SVG, JPG, and PNG files and supports a maximum resolution of 5000 px * 5000 px.

How Do I Turn A Drawing Into A Logo Without Photoshop
How Do I Turn A Drawing Into A Logo Without Photoshop

What exactly is a logo? Why is it required?

A logo reflects the website’s personality. If you want your website to stick out from the crowd, you should have a special and artistic logo design.
Visitors or consumers will easily determine the niche of your website by merely seeing your logo, because it has the ability to make your visitors remember the name of your website.
Another benefit is that we can use our emblem as a profile picture on different social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and others.

Now, to create a logo without Photoshop or Illustrator, follow these quick and easy-to-understand steps:

Step 1:

Make a Plan
Consider your strategy, marketing, and mission when creating or redesigning a logo, since these elements are critical to the success of your brand. Believe it or not, your logo, as the message, has a huge impact on your brand.

Step two:
Create Unique
You have the choice of using a predefined prototype. You are allowed to modify certain models in order to create your own logo. However, we suggest to create logos from scratch to avoid plagiarism and create your own unique logos. If you want to learn graphic design programs to create your logo then start your journey as a industry-standard graphic designer through Blue Sky Graphics online graphic design available for students in the UK and beyond through our online one to one classroom which helps our tutors to connect with students worldwide.
So, let’s create our one-of-a-kind logo style. Simply click on the top left corner button of the random brand logo and choose “New Blank Project.”

Step three:

By moving to the top “Config” page, you can change the size of the logo. You may then choose a custom size for your logo.

how-to-make-a-logo-without-adobe-photoshop-or-illustrator (9)

Step Four:
Build a professional and appealing logo for your website by brainstorming and using your imagination.

Extras: Making Use of Clipart

To use the clipart, navigate to the right sidebar area (Resource Section).

You may add a clipart picture to the editing field by dragging it there. After that, you should resize the clipart to your liking. It may also be changed to a different hue.

Adding Text and Altering Fonts

In the “Home” tab, choose “Add Text.” As you can see, a sample text was added to the editing section. To alter the text, double-click on the sample text.

Choose a font type from the top “Home” tab field if you choose to adjust the font style of your file. For your convenience, several different fonts are mentioned.

It’s worth noting that all of your machine fonts would be specified as well. To use your own font, simply mount it on your device and restart The Random Logo Maker. As you will see, the latest font is now available in the collection.

Custom Image Import

Using the “Import/Export” tab, you can conveniently import the custom picture into your logo. Simply click, resize, or rotate the imported picture to your liking.
Making Shapes
Shapes are a significant aspect of logo design. The forms can be transformed into amazing logos.

You may draw custom shapes in The Random Logo Maker, such as Round, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Star, and several others. What you need to do is go to “Home” –> Add Shapes.

Using Colours to Enhance Text

Your emblem would look unappealing if it lacks colour. Colours may be added to text or shapes by selecting the desired colour from the bottom “colour choice field.” Please see the video for more details.

Using Shadows

You will use the random Logo Maker to add effects such as shadows, mirrors, and blurring. To apply these results to the brand, simply navigate to the “Effects” section on the left-hand side of the work-area.

Step Five:

Exporting the Logo
Using the “Import/Export” tab, you can export the logo as JPEG or PNG. If you choose to export the logo with a clear backdrop, choose “Transparent Background” from the export menu.
When exporting the final logo, use PNG format for improved logo design.

Step Six:

Keeping The Design Project Secure
It is critical to save the logo design project. As a result, I highly advise you to save your project before exiting the software. Through saving the project, you can easily update or make updates to the original logo template in the future.

To save your project, click on the top “The random Logo Button” and choose “Save As.”