How Do I Get Photoshop?

How Do I Get Photoshop?

Purchasing Adobe Photoshop used to be a quick method. About the fact that Adobe released updates every year or two, the programme stayed mostly unchanged.
If you just decided to do simple picture editing, you could purchase Photoshop once and not upgrade for years.

How to Purchase Photoshop

Get Photoshop, Lightroom, and unlimited cloud storage space to manage your images through various computers.
Let’s reminisce about the good old days! Today, the choices for purchasing Adobe Photoshop may be very perplexing.
Fortunately, this guide can assist you in determining which edition of Photoshop is the best investment for your photography needs.

What Is the Best Way to Purchase Photoshop in 2021?

For decades, Photoshop has become the industry norm in picture editing. Despite the proliferation of Photoshop alternatives, nothing compares to its strength or smartphone app help (the Photoshop CC iPad app is truly incredible!).
Photoshop is used by both experts and amateurs for sophisticated picture processing tasks ranging from blending several pictures as textures to intensive retouching, warping, and colour editing.
However, since many photographers already film in RAW format and use a catalogue-based workflow, Adobe Lightroom, rather than Photoshop, has become the default starting point for most picture editing. Why? For a detailed overview, see this Lightroom vs Photoshop comparison document.
Adobe also provides Photoshop as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Service, which is a monthly payment plan.

How Do I Get Photoshop
How Do I Get Photoshop

1) Photography Strategy or a Single App

This is the first confounding aspect of Adobe’s subscription plans that you should be aware of, particularly if you believe it will be easier to just have Photoshop rather than Lightroom.

Simply placed, Adobe offers two low-cost subscription plans: Photography and Single App. However, the Photography package costs about £10 a month, while the Single Apps cost about £21 per month (latest, up to date pricing here).

This ensures that if you want to get Photoshop without Lightroom, you will end up spending an extra £11 a month!

Obviously, the best choice is to simply purchase Adobe’s Photography package – even though you only want Photoshop (or Lightroom), it is the best value option.

2) All Apps – Creative Cloud

Whether you’re a multi-disciplined creative or development enterprise in search of a complete arsenal of Adobe tools, the full set of Creative Cloud software has it all.

(If you want to save money on the Adobe CC All Apps package, Adobe has developed a special deal only for Shotkit users – click here to take advantage of it.)

The complete set of 20+ artistic desktop and smartphone applications, including Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC, Illustrator CC, and XD CC, as well as 100GB of cloud storage, your own portfolio page, exclusive fonts, and a social networking tool.
Remember that in both circumstances, you should cancel your subscription and receive a complete refund within 14 days of order.

Advantages by Purchasing Photoshop CC as a Subscription

Any photographers could be sceptical of Adobe’s subscription model since their income has risen significantly in the years after the CC subscription service was introduced.
However, the key advantages of using a subscription package, whether it’s the simple Photography plan or the full All Applications plan, are that you’ll already get the most recent iteration of the apps and that Adobe delivers new upgrades at a rapid pace.

1) You have the most up-to-date, streamlined edition of Photoshop.

This isn’t necessary for everybody, but using the most recent, best, and typically quickest edition of Photoshop is quite handy.

If you’ve ever used Photoshop CS6 or either of the previous standalone Photoshop releases, you’ll recall that it will sometimes crash and slow down.

I’ve noticed that things appear a lot snappier in general with Photoshop CC, perhaps due to the daily changes that help to keep it well optimised.

2) You get all of the most recent Photoshop features.

Whether you want the most recent updates (or updated and enhanced iterations of old features), the membership is the only way to get them. Only Photoshop CC has features including Live Blend Mode Preview, Content-Aware Fill, Multiple Undo, and other truly helpful features.
3) The most current cameras are all sponsored.

If you film in raw (RAW, NEF, CR2, ARW…), you must transform your photographs before importing them into Photoshop. To process your raw images, you’ll need to use either Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw. You may also make use of a free cr2 to jpg picture converter.

And if you purchase Photoshop without Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw, which is also a stand-alone programme known as Adobe Bridge, comes with it.

Unfortunately, in order for the current raw file format to be supported, Camera Raw (and Lightroom) must be changed any time a new camera is published.

This ensures you won’t be able to purchase an outdated edition of Photoshop and process any of your raw images with it. To render your new raw files compliant with your old raw converter, you’ll need to purchase a CC subscription or use Adobe’s DNG converter.

4) You can fully use Mobile Editing Photoshop CC on the iPad is on the way, and it appears to be completely mind-blowing. The ability to create all of the same edits on a tablet as you do on a laptop seems to be a game changer for the entertainment industry.
As the service would be free to access whether you are a subscriber or not, maximum syncing features will not be.

In other terms, if you apply to one of the Adobe CC Photoshop plans, you would be able to begin editing on your laptop and then continue editing on your mobile device.

5) The data would be cloud-backed up.

All of your precious Photoshop (and Lightroom CC) files are conveniently backed up electronically since the Photography Plan requires 20GB of free cloud storage.

If you’re like me and don’t want to remember to create manual copies, this feature alone is worth the monthly subscription fee.
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