How Can I Make A Lot Of Money As A Graphic Designer?

How Can I Make A Lot Of Money As A Graphic Designer?

Have you ever asked if passive profits would be created as a freelance graphic designer?

Freelance has been a common career choice for the workforce. Upwork, one of the biggest freelancing sites on the internet, reports that the amount of people freelancing by preference rather than by need has risen from 53% in 2014 to 61% in 2018 and is projected to grow only in industries such as technology, marketing and graphic design.
There is no doubt a lot of money to be made in the field of graphic design, it is best if you join from today! We, at Blue Sky Graphics will teach you industry-level graphic design from our one-to-one online graphic design course.

How Can I Make A Lot Of Money As A Graphic Designer
How Can I Make A Lot Of Money As A Graphic Designer?

Unfortunately, the wage of the freelance graphic designer can be unpredictable. For a few months, the income would arrive quickly and seamlessly, and for a few months you might be struggling to find a single gig. This is what renders passive income a perfect idea for an up-and-coming freelance graphic designer.

Unfortunately, the world of graphic design is full of competitiveness, so you are going to have to be inventive with how you receive your passive income. To help you out, we have put together a collection of 8 real ways you can gain passive income as a freelance graphic designer! Please check it out below.

1. Sell your own fonts.

Selling your own fonts is one of the most profitable ways to make passive money. Through making your own fonts or texts, you are creating a commodity that can continue to sell long though you have been working on creating it.

Fonts and scripts can be marketed to almost anybody on any day, making them a flexible commodity. You may sell them: weddings, conferences, hotels, blogs, infographics, brochures, games or posters.
You can offer your fonts, texts, typefaces, or even unique icons in your own online shop. When it comes to interactive goods, you are confined to the imagination!

2. Design of stock graphics

Designing stock graphics is one of the easiest ways to create passive profits a freelance graphic artist. If it is banners, vector pictures, or symbols, there is a massive demand for custom graphics, and there are a range of stock exchanges where you may apply to offer your custom designs.
Contributor: The easiest account model, this level enables you to upload the content and receive a fixed percentage each time you import it. As a Contributor, you hold ownership on your creations, which is awesome because it helps you to market your creations anywhere you choose.

3. Sell templates for design

Nowadays, DIY is all rage, which implies that developers and small business owners are still searching for concept models that they can adapt and render their own. If you are experienced at designing prototypes for a specific style, such as posters, brochures or infographics, you can make effective use of your talents and offer concept models via an online shop.

4. To market the lessons

People are inspired to purchase because they have a dilemma and need a remedy. So, be the one that has the answer! You may make walking-through videos in the form of a video or ebook to teach people how to create their own graphic designs or models.

Creating a tutorial is pretty easy, after all, you are still working on a graphic design. Everything you need to do is download some of the screencasting tools and tell us about your process. However, if you are so inclined, you may also build an in-depth course, filled with tutorials, annotations, and real-world illustrations. It is a flexible product that can be customised in whatever direction you like.

People are inspired to purchase because they have a dilemma and need a remedy
People are inspired to purchase because they have a dilemma and need a remedy

5. Marketing Associate

If you already have a respectable size on your site or social network, affiliate marketing may be a nice way to earn a little passive income. Affiliate marketing is where you have a connection or a shoutout to other companies and then receive a share of sales or a flat fee if anyone uses your link to purchase the good or service.

The bigger your following or viewer, the more revenue you are going to earn, so it may be very lucrative if you are a famous celebrity. However, be careful on who you want to be a companion to. If you refer customers to mediocre facilities or goods, they will no longer believe you, and this will destroy your image as a graphic designer.

6. Work with the Commission, Not for Payment

This is a risky business decision, but it will theoretically pay off in a big way, so be careful on what you are doing it. Often up-and-coming firms will give equity within the business or a portion of income in return for graphic design services.

Though most freelance graphic designers would laugh at the notion (we need to pay expenses now), if a company does take off, it might lead to a passive source of revenue that might be meaningful. When you get such an offer or are interested in having it, make sure that you perform your due diligence and examine whether it would actually be worth it to you.

7. Selling WordPress models

WordPress now hosts more than 172 million active websites, rendering it one of the biggest website construction platforms on the Internet. Due to its simplicity and ease of usage, this makes it highly valuable to small companies and DIYers who choose to build their own website without costing thousands of GBPs to a skilled website designer.

This means that the WordPress templates industry is hot right now. While website designers provide experience and integrity, there are several DIYers who would choose to purchase a prototype somewhere from GBP5-GBP300 instead of paying GBP1,000+ to a web designer.

If you have experience creating web templates, you can build one and then sell it on a website. As more and more users look to the Internet for their personal and business needs, demand for easy-to-use models can only grow.

8. Referral fees

If you are at the stage in your career when you still have more work to do than you should, and you switch your clients left and right, try using them to your benefit. Making a referral relationship with another graphic artist or entity you trust is mutually advantageous to the parties concerned.
Referral arrangements usually require either a share of the project or a fixed fee paid by the referrer. So even if you do not do any jobs, you can raise money simply by linking your associate to a customer.