Graphic Design Courses Houghton le Spring

Graphic Design Courses Houghton le Spring

Graphic design is an art or profession of visual communication that incorporates images, words, and ideas to communicate information to the viewer, particularly to create a specific impact. In other words, graphic design is a communication design; it is a way to communicate ideas through graphics and design.

What are the Elements of Graphic Design?

Elements of art are the basic units of any graphic design that shapes the framework of the design and conveys its visual messages. The graphic design elements are as follows:

Line – The most basic design features. Lines can be bent, straight, dense, thin, two-dimensional, and three-dimensional. The line is simply a design feature that defines a space-moving point.

Shape – Shape is a two-dimensional defined area shaped by lines. Different types of shapes include geometric, abstract, and organic shapes, all of which are basic design elements.

Colour – Colour is an aspect that is extremely necessary to attract attention since there is a psychology behind the emotions that colour can elicit. There are three main colour characteristics: shade (the colour family), value (how bright or dark the colour is), and saturation (the purity of the colour).

Typography – Typography is a form of arrangement fonts. This one is extremely relevant as it can have a huge effect on design messaging. Different weights (bold, normal, or light) combined with varying sizes, colours, and spacing will add strength to the idea the designer is trying to interact with.

Texture – Texture in design refers to how objects look like they would feel if they were touched. For example, textures can be rough, smooth, shiny, soft, hard, etc. The texture is another feature used to attract attention to the design. It can be applied to other elements such as shapes, colours, pictures, and forms.

Size – Size is just how tiny or big a thing is. In design, the scale is used as an indicator of value and can generate visual interest in design using contrasting sizes.

Space – Space applies to the design areas left vacant. These areas shall include any distance or area between, around, below, or above other design elements. Designers deliberately put gaps in the design to bring emphasis to the design areas.

Principles of Graphic Design

The design principles recommend how the designer can better organise the different components of the page layout to ensure that the elements of the overall design are interlinked. The design standards shall contain the following:

Balance – The achievement of visual balance in graphic design is accomplished through the use of symmetry and asymmetry. This is accomplished by matching the design in weight – ensuring that shapes, lines, and other elements are equally distributed. So even though the two sides of the design are not exactly the same, they have similar features. Balance is important because it gives the design structure and stability.

Principles of Graphic Design
Principles of Graphic Design

Alignment – Alignment is about the organisation of the concept. All aspects of the design should be aligned with the top, bottom, middle or sides to create a visual connexion between the elements.

Proximity – Proximity establishes a visual relationship between the design elements. It minimises clutter, improves audience awareness, and provides viewers with a focal point. It does not actually mean that similar elements need to be placed right next to each other; it just means that they need to be visually related.

Repetition – Once you have decided how to use your components, repeat the patterns to ensure continuity in the design. This repetition brings together individual elements and enhances the design, yet provides a sense of coordinated movement.

Contrast – Contrast is used to highlight some elements of the design. Using contrast helps you to emphasise the discrepancies between the components, and eventually to highlight the main components of the design that you want to highlight.

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