Graphic Design Courses Guisborough

Graphic Design Courses Guisborough

Graphic design has become one of the most common occupations in recent years. The Digital Age has arrived, and any kind of content is consumed in a different way.

Graphic designs created will, for the most part, be for ads in newspapers, magazines, or other outlets. However, they can also refer to marketing brochures, corporate logos, and increasingly to websites and digital media. Companies rely on graphic designers to attract customers and make their companies professional.

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Elements of Graphic Design

People are looking for faster reads, fewer details, more graphics, and pictures; they want something visually appealing.

In order to achieve an optimum level of graphic content, designers use colours, figures, images and templates to compose their product, but there is another aspect that is typically forgotten: words. The importance of typography in architecture cannot be forgotten.

Elements of Graphic Design
Elements of Graphic Design

Although the most important purpose of the design is to communicate a perfectly understandable graphic message, it is a complete mistake to leave the text in a secondary position.

A good designer understands that they need to find a way to use words as part of the design instead of merely complementing them.

A number of elements in the typography continuum should be considered. The font and size play an essential role in the design.


Designers must make very wise use of sizes in their creations. If the words were too small, the listener would not see it, and the message would be diffuse; on the other hand, if it was too big, it would be distracting and would not have an ideal effect, which proves the value of typography in design.

The size of the terms must be for the design layout to include the colours, figures, and photographs used. But most critical of all is the form of a letter.

Tracking – Often confused with Kerning, Tracking is a manipulation of the overall letter spacing. While this might be something that programmers forget, Monitoring is a significant contributor to whether the text is easily readable. As a side note, Kerning is a letter spacing, rather than an overall setting, between individual letters.

Various font sizes

Once the identity of the design is established, the designer has to play with more and lesser words to achieve harmonious art.

A large letter size should be used for capturing names, and smaller ones for general information.


The text format is another factor that needs to be considered in typography. No matter what you type or what size you want for a logo, you can add a format to it. These are useful to highlight a particular word or group of words over the others. There are three main formats:

Bold: makes the letter heavier, thicker, and more profound. They are used to highlight keywords for text.

Italic: causes the letters to tilt to the side and simulates a cursive writing style. It is typically used to denote odd or unusual words, which are commonly foreign to the language in which they are written.

Underlined: it is the format that is the least used. It has the same purpose as bold ones, but they highlight it with a line underneath it. It is used to highlight significant excerpts of prose.


Colour is another essential factor to remember. Have you ever visited a website where links or other text elements have been difficult to read due to web designer colour choices? Often designers struggle to create a sufficient contract between the background colour and the text, effectively drowning the text and making it invisible. Of course, black text is of the greatest contrast on a white backdrop, but there are many colour variations of the sort.