Graphic Design Courses Dublin

Graphic Design Courses Dublin

Graphic designers produce digital messages that are used every day every minute, around the globe. Designers produce entertainment, advertisement, news and features in all formats, including print publications (magazines, newspapers and brochures) and interactive and distributed media such as gaming consoles, tv, web apps, social networks and handheld devices. When technology tends to evolve in scope, so do the roles and abilities of graphic designers. This detailed career and graduation guide explores the position of graphic designers, the most popular career pathways in the discipline, as well as the programmes and schools accessible. It is rounded off by a study of the projections of employment development in the sector and wages, by the ministry, for graphic design practitioners.

What does a graphic designer do?

Graphic artists express inspirational and insightful thoughts in ads, brochures and other marketing communications products. Some graphic designers work with specialist consulting companies as part of a joint team, and others work separately. Print and visual artists utilise complex graphics techniques to control text, pictures, illustrations and colours.

Many graphic designers work on a full-time basis to reach deadlines. Self-employed graphic designers need to remain versatile, since customers often need to meet during the evening and weekend hours. Like in too many businesses, customer support and customer loyalty are essential to growth. In addition, performance as a graphic designer involves understanding how to compete for projects, business resources and building a continuous customer list.


Connection is at the core of the work of a graphic artist. Although their tasks may include intensive work with graphics, unlike musicians, they do not create art for the sake of art.” Graphic designers must bring across a clear meaning and call-to-action or sentiment focused on their client’s goals. For example, a graphic designer might be charged with designing a name or emblem that gives customers an enduring image, adding a distinctive form or colour scheme.


While a lot of graphic design work is performed on a screen, it may even be graphical in nature or utilise motion graphics. Projects may need to be designed for viewing on a broad variety of digital devices, including online browsers, tablets and cell phones, which are the fastest growing sector in the industry. In addition to mastering general all-around skills, designers can specialise in a specific field of graphics.

Popular specialties include:

  1. Typography
  2. Publishing Desktop
  3. Branding and Publicity
  4. Email blasts and newsletters
  5. Design of Device or User Experience
  6. Website Page Design
  7. Packaging of goods
  8. Design of Books
  9. Logos

Printing or Web Development

Although designers may work more frequently in favourite media, specialisation is not needed for performance. Some graphic designers love collaborating with a number of customers to keep their career opportunities available. Multiple specialisations, though, contribute to versatility which may extend the clientele and raise overall.

Start Early- You can learn graphic design online!

It never hurts to start early in any area, but it is especially crucial when it comes to graphic design. When in high school, students can take courses in art history, painting, visual arts and web design. They will use their developing talents to plan and create a school newsletter or an annual book. Graphic design needs a keen eye and an imaginative imagination, but also the creation of strong technological skills and software fluidity. The earlier the student tries to study, the easier.

There was a time when a graphic artist might be employed strictly for their artistic portfolio. Today, though, most companies are searching for artists with a more complete and well-rounded experience – the sort that only an online graphic design certificate will offer. In certain instances, taking an online course and learning the skills is enough to make an impact.

Many post-secondary colleges in Ireland now deliver degree programmes but are they needed? When you have an online course providing platform such as BSG, there is no need to waste time at a traditional university. School opportunities vary from major state universities, to independent private schools, to renowned art establishments. Blue Sky Graphics is providing industry-standard graphic design course and our certificate has helped many of our students gain employment in big firms around the world. There is now an increasing variety of online programmes available. Coursework encompasses a broad variety of topics, such as studio art, design theory, commercial illustration, web design, advertisement and computer graphics. Marketing and company courses can also be part of the programme, since creators must be able to assemble and apply competent work ideas and successfully sell to prospective customers.

Regardless of the field they select, graphic design students can search for an approved curriculum from a credible online school offering one-to-one classes.

Making a strong Portfolio

Although a good resume is a significant part of any career quest, an outstanding portfolio is the best advantage for anyone searching for a work in graphic design. Although graphic designers will require a resume, the only way for the prospective employer to consider the talents of the candidate is by a portfolio that shows a range of work and development as a designer.

There was a period when a graphic design portfolio was a basic selection of the finest newspaper and magazine ads by artists. Today’s technical portfolios are even more advanced, comprising not just of newspaper advertising, but even of internet commercials, website graphics, and also TV commercial reel and illustration demo. It is not rare for job-seekers today to bring entirely digital copies of their portfolio on CD or DVD with them for interviews – along with a more conventional paper edition – and several artists often maintain their own up-to-date product portfolio websites.

For students only starting out it is daunting to show a broad and diverse portfolio considering the small amount of accomplished work they may have achieved. In any situation, they can rely on consistency rather than quantities, just showing their best design examples, and a portfolio arranged to suit the unique requirements of the prospective employer.

Graphic design is an area that is continually evolving and developing. Designers need to keep up with commercial and creative developments in the market – otherwise they can find themselves easily left behind. They must therefore keep up-to-date with current and modified computer graphics and software design applications that are in a near-constant state of evolution. This is especially true of designers who operate as freelancers and others who are interested in rising to higher roles within their businesses. Completion of qualification programmes in vendor-specific design software will also help create certificate.

Graphic design course online

Graphic designers can opt to advance their expertise, ingenuity and knowledge of the field with the addition of a post-secondary certificate. Online graphic design programmes are developed primarily for artists seeking to advance theoretical studies.

Graphic Design Basic Elements

Introductory course on interface elements as an important engagement method. Studies cover the principles and uses of design features and partnerships.
Understanding concept applications for lines, shades, materials, shapes, values and white space concepts common to most visual design ventures

Graphic Design Basic Elements
Graphic Design Basic Elements

Introduction of typography

Students are exposed to typography as it refers to architecture and how it impacts context, brand, or personality. Typography is a main aspect of graphic design.
Specific expertise in type forms and fonts used in text and logos.
Basic interpretation of how visual information can be interpreted by the viewer

Colour Theory

Colour theory is no doubt one of the most important aspects of graphic design. Our Students are immersed in the study of colour, how it influences cultural or psychological aspects, and the results of colour experiences.
Comprehension of colour design in paper, internet, multimedia and hand-held devices

Creating visual design

Introduction of visual design applications for web and interactive printing. Course reflects on the technical world and the aspects of routing, accessibility and site best practise.
Top-down interpretation of graphic design practises for multimedia ventures
Emphasis is on technologies and philosophy, not on technical programming or interface design applications.

Graphic arts programmes generally take four years to complete and consist of credit hours of courses separated into general education, basic graphic design studies and electives. At the conclusion of our graphic design tutorial, we will show you how to create a solid portfolio.
Hands-on knowledge developing conceptual ideas and producing files using industry-standard project management guidelines and programme design.

Management of web design media

This specialised course combines print and multimedia strategies for developing and handling visual messages through a broad variety of media with distinct timelines. Learning graphic design is of immense importance before proceeding to web design and UX UI design.

Management of web design media
Management of web design media

Freelancing as a graphic designer

Design students research the past, transition and contemporary effect of communication technologies and how to create a competitive organisation. Many students of ours have resorted to freelancing after completing the graphic design course, and earning handsomely.

Making a Portfolio

Students are gathering prior concept experience into an effective portfolio. Usually graduates from our online school will have a strong portfolio to back them up. Some other things graphic design students will possess after our course:

Plan and grow a portfolio of projects that illustrate the advancement of expertise and innovation
Ability to show a profile and to address specifically one’s skills and abilities
Expertise in Adobe Software


Graphic designers must mix sharp technical abilities with creative creativity in order to create compelling drawings that precisely relate the messages of their clients. While they spend some time designing designs on paper, they still need to be trained to utilise advanced graphic design tools. Much time is spent engaging with customers and organising work with members of the design team, so good communications skills are often essential. Graphic designers also have to complete several tasks concurrently, which is why time management skills are important. Graphic artists ought to be visual thinkers, above all. They know how best to use technology technologies to address market problems and are specialists in the innovative use of the room they need to have the maximum impact.

Tools & Technologies

Effective graphic designers are fluent in the usage of modern production methods, integrating a profound formal understanding of the philosophy of creative communication. These techniques are numerous and varied, and the graphic designer using them will depend on their area of expertise. In our course on graphic design, we teach:

  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • WordPress
  • Adobe XD
  • Elementor

Why are these services applicable for graphic design?

The chances are good that you would have learned about the word “desktop publishing” in the end. However, you may not be so positive what this actually entails. Desktop publishing software has been extremely relevant and has also changed a variety of industries in the mid-to-late 1980s, and today Adobe InDesign is recognised as the world’s largest desktop publishing software kit. Certainly, you might be thinking at the moment that Photoshop courses will certainly help your career, but right here are several considerations that you may need to take into account in addition to going after BSG online school in Dublin.

Why are these services applicable for graphic design
Why are these services applicable for graphic design?

Diversify your concept skills package

A tonne of things can be completed in Photoshop today. In reality, the word “photoshopped” has ended up being so popular that individuals with little to no modelling experience at least recognise what this entails. So, what about the InDesign? Ok this powerful software package is a totally different application.
Adobe InDesign is generally overlooked for asset development plans such as Photoshop and Illustrator, but in many artistic positions, InDesign experience is essential. This DTP programme programme is just unbeatable when it comes to operating with multi-page records. If you wish to improve the odds of moving to the artistic industry, InDesign preparation would definitely provide one more valuable asset for your skill – one that other designers may not have.

Exploring the Modern Space for Artistic Control

If you are designing a magazine concept or a multi-faceted show, InDesign will carry a cutting-edge vision to life. Unlike true asset-creation software programmes such as Photoshop, besides Illustrator, InDesign acts as a centralised tool that uses belongings placed in different positions on the equipment to construct diverse as well as desirable visual artefacts.
When it comes to making exact improvements to a file, InDesign is unsurpassable. You can handle bleeds, lead, kerning as well as numerous other format alternatives to improve text readability and even optimise picture placement for maximum visual charm.

Collaboration for other applications;

Adobe has long been a leading force in the interactive technology market. Adobe’s various tech apps offer programmers the ability to work rapidly as well as effectively with many applications at the same time. InDesign is a perfect illustration of how the Creative Cloud will inspire you to build a beautiful graphic design job by leveraging a series of various software programmes.
Let us presume, for example, that you want to create a publicity pamphlet for your company’s latest goods and services. After creating spectacular vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator as well as modifying it in Photoshop, you are able to pull it all together. InDesign preparation at the Graphic Design Institute can definitely teach you precisely how to upload information, make adjustments easily and efficiently through a specific web page or whole paper, and even plan a project for competent printing. If you know the design, so the sky is the limit, and there is no restriction to what you will do.

Skilled performance

The technical look of InDesign is really outstanding with its clean lines and the wonderful layouts, the possibilities are endless. There are various visual as well as effective in-design files to be created, such as e-books, flyers/brochures, publications, thank you notes, calling cards, price overviews, timetables, business strategies, personal records, lists, and so on. The listing takes place, as well as adding the cherry on the top, it is just the one-of-a-kind and creative creations.

Reduced publicity prices

Are you fed up with paying outdoor businesses merely creating minor improvements to your artwork? Or are you creating ideas after that move as well as forwards with your creator when the style is not exactly as you think it is? Through having some Adobe InDesign skills of your own, you would definitely have the freedom to change and create artwork at your desk at your very own pace, saving valuable money and time!

Anyone that wishes to protect a role needs to understand how graphical systems function together, as well as how InDesign is commonly overlooked by a variety of enthusiastic programmers. InDesign preparation will provide you with the side you need to improve your current jobs or provide you with the springboard you need to unleash an exciting new career in digital publishing. If you choose to review your qualifications or learn a whole new career, Best graphic design Institute like ours will help you accomplish your specialised objectives.
If you are interested in studying in architecture, check out our online InDesign course as well as our classroom-oriented InDesign training courses based on your requirements. Get in contact with us to explore which path to select based on your preferences, expertise and budget. Our graphic design course will help you learn major graphic design programs with ease.

WordPress is open source

WordPress is a free software application. This ensures that you are able to download, instal, use and change it to suit your needs. You will use it to build a website of some sort.
Although the WordPress app itself is free, you need a domain name and a web host to use it.
Your domain name is the URL of your website on the Internet. This is what your users type in their window address bar to enter your website.

Web hosting is the home of your website where all the website data are kept.
We encourage the usage of WordPress hosting. They are one of the leading networking providers in the world and an officially recommended hosting company for WordPress.
If you have some WordPress problems, our web design course will make sure to tackle any problems you might have in working with WordPress.

WordPress is simple to configure with themes and plug-ins.

A significant number of users using WordPress are neither web designers nor programmers. As a matter of fact, most people start using WordPress without any previous awareness of creating websites.
WordPress is the best choice for non-technical professionals, and there are thousands of free website templates (themes) that you can pick from. There is a fitting WordPress style for just about any type of website (whether it is a forum, a company site, or an online store).
WordPress themes are simple to customise since a lot of them come with their own options panel that lets you modify colours, upload your emblem, change your backdrop, build gorgeous sliders, and fully customise them to your needs without writing any code at all.
You may also apply custom features to your WordPress platform by utilising plugins. WordPress plugins are like software for the website that you can use to integrate advanced functionality such as metrics, communication types, participation, and more.

Much like themes, there are thousands of free and paid plugins that you can use. See our post about what WordPress plugins are and how they function.

WordPress is simple to use

WordPress comes with an automated framework for handling changes. This helps you to change plugins and themes from inside your WordPress Admin dashboard.
WordPress often inform you when a new version of WordPress is available, so you can upgrade your site by clicking a button.
To secure your data against any crash or theft, you can conveniently use a WordPress Backup Plugin to automatically make backups and store them securely at a remote location.
You may also use WordPress smartphone applications to manage the WordPress account.


We are teaching all of this and much more, so enrol in our graphic design course in Dublin and launch your career in graphic design, web design and UX UI design. Our industry-standard online one-to-one course will make sure you become a presentable designer and provide your services to firms around the world as our students are already doing so.