Graphic Design College Cambridge

Graphic Design College Cambridge

While video editor and graphic designer are separate professions, they have certain characteristics. One assists the other. If you have graphic design knowledge, you will be able to finish your assignment more quickly and generate higher-quality movies. Because the film will be seen by everyone, you will be able to communicate the information more effectively via visual design. Additionally, a working knowledge of graphic design may help make your films more visually appealing, since graphic designers begin their studies with colour theory. This allows them to accurately adapt the mood to the film’s content. A strong visual design includes aesthetically pleasing and distinctive logos, typography, symbols, and colours to aid customers in identifying your business from the competitors. Each of these important elements may be used into a marketing video. A graphic design education is available online via Blue Sky Graphics Graphic Design College Cambridge.

Graphic Design College Cambridge

At Graphic Design College Cambridge, we teach graphic design, web design, user experience and user interface design utilising Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign tools, as well as WordPress, Elementor, and Adobe XD.
Prior to incorporating photos or photographs from other communication materials into the marketing video, they should be properly prepared. All of the following should be taken into account: resolution, colour correction, forms and compositions, contrast and brightness, and combining two or more photos. A graphic designer will spend a few hours adjusting each image to meet the technical specifications of the film.

Graphic Design College Cambridge
Graphic Design College Cambridge

What Role Do Graphic Designers Play in Video Editing?

The process of producing visuals via the use of colours, lines, textures, and forms is called graphic design. Meanwhile, video editing is the process of “making” a video via the use of film, colour, typography, symbols, and other elements. As a consequence, having design abilities is quite beneficial while editing videos. These characteristics may help you offer value to your career and thrive in your sector, which may result in additional changes.

Tips for Graphic Designers on Video Editing

Regardless of your background, there are several incredibly rigid “rules” that must be followed in order to make excellent films. If you get them incorrect, your videos will seem flat and monotonous, conveying an amateurish air. The following are some fundamental video editing guidelines oriented at graphic designers that will help you create the most pleasurable film possible for your viewers.

Make the Most of the Best Video Design Tools

You may now quickly acquire software and other video resources that will aid you in generating well-edited, aesthetically attractive videos thanks to the internet. There is a plethora of software available that has basic editing skills for creating standard video cuts.

In this scenario, you may choose the most appropriate ones for you depending on your tastes and requirements. As a result, you must consider their usability, digital user interface, and functionality. Please make certain that they all correspond to your editing talents and style. After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, and Adobe Premiere Pro are just a few of the most popular video editing programmes.

2. Become acquainted with the keys

At first sight, keyboard shortcuts may seem to be nerdy. After all, you are not an IT director who need this item immediately. However, since video editing is a lengthy process, you may speed things up by getting acquainted with basic keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys. These keyboard shortcuts allow you to do things inside software more quickly and comfortably than you could with a mouse. In other words, it bridges the gap between effort and action, allowing you to save time getting from point A to point B.

Additionally, mastering hotkeys helps you to fine-tune several aspects of your multimedia projects. As a result, you’ll be able to make an entertaining video without using the point-and-click approach.

3. Take colour adjustments into consideration

When it comes to visual representations, colour is crucial. It establishes the message’s tone and aids in its delivery. Additionally, the bulk of video productions, even ones with incredible lighting or breath-taking landscapes, begin with oversaturated and uninteresting raw material.

As a result, you must balance them using colour corrections, which involves modifying the proportions of certain colours inside the picture – a problem that every graphic designer has encountered. Colour adjustments assist you in creating a cohesive colour palette for your final output. It ensures that no information is missed from the video when it is shown on the viewer’s screen.

4. Utilize Attractive Graphics and Effects

The graphics in your video creation may have a significant impact on its overall quality. In this scenario, you may use several visuals into your video to make it more interesting and appealing.

For example, you may use movement to draw visitors’ attention to the content. Logos may be used to produce extraordinary brand upgrades. Additionally, you may use typography or headers to aid readers in comprehension. The purpose of using visuals in this part is to assist viewers in rapidly connecting with you and your film and emotionally interacting with it.

5. Acquire a Basic Understanding of the Lingo

As with every other sector, video editing has its own jargon. On the other hand, proficiency in that language may considerably expedite your process. Bear in mind that editing encompasses more than “the cut,” since there is no one-size-fits-all method of editing.

Understanding video editing terminology will not only help you create an exceptional video, but will also make working with other editors easier. Understanding and speaking the phrases and language used by the post-production team can assist spark your imagination and improve your editing abilities.

6. Pursue clarity

Both design and editing are motivated by the desire to achieve clarity. Thus, although having a good understanding of a variety of editing techniques and design abilities is useful, it is critical to make it simple and aesthetically pleasing.

Additional editing techniques may not necessarily result in a higher-quality final product. Take care not to go crazy with the modifications. This will generate uncertainty in your video, and viewers will have difficulty comprehending what you’re saying.


To distinguish your film distinct from the competition and separate it from the competition, you may need to break with some industry norms. As a consequence, design abilities may assist you in optimising the final outcome. If you had some design talents, you could edit films and create the perfect ambiance to fit the movies’ subject matter while still providing necessary information.

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Graphic Design School Glasgow

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