Graphic Design and Web Design Courses Romiley

Graphic Design and Web Design Courses Romiley

If you find that you’re interested in creating designs and making websites more user-friendly, you might want to learn more about graphic design. Graphic design is a diverse field with a wide range of subjects to learn. The study of graphic design allows you to learn topics such as illustration, user interface, colour theory, and design, typography, and web design.

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Distance learning is increasingly becoming popular as it is more convenient and time-saving. The online graphic design course by BSG will cover several topics such as introduction and history of graphic design, colour theory, composition, and layout concepts. The course is wrapped up with some portfolio tips to help you land on a credible job in the future.

Use of Graphic Design in Different areas

Graphic design accompanies us in every aspect of our everyday lives. The look of the shampoo bottle you use when you get ready in the morning is attributable to the graphic design. When you drive to work, you see designers of billboards created, and when you visit a food shop, you will see interesting signs and banners. It would be difficult to do it for a day without a graphic design that somehow affects our lives.

Use of Graphic Design in Different areas
Use of Graphic Design in Different areas


One of the clearest uses of graphic design is to promote businesses such as print and online advertising. Companies rely on graphic design to advertise their goods and services. The promotion would not exist without graphic design. Both of them go hand in hand.

The staff of advertising firms is usually graphic designers, experts in different kinds of communications — for example, social media — and graphic design managers, and fields of public relations.

Fashion Industry

Fashion is another area where a lot of design work is going to be seen. While fashion designers produce apparel, graphic designers need to figure out how to mark it and advertise it best. You must have also seen large signs in the windows and racks with pictures of the clothing pattern in stores.

Graphic design enters other fields of design as different designers compete with each other to attract the attention of customers.


If you think of where graphic design is, you may not think of storehouses immediately, but even here, you will find signage and graphic designers developed elements.

One example is warning signs in warehouse installations. The right safety signs help to reduce accidents, improve efficiency, protect companies from costly prosecutions, and promote safety.

Computer Software

You probably found a cover photo that attracted your attention the last time you downloaded software or an application for something as technical as new software needs a picture that attracts its target audience.

Those who design software can have a background in graphic design or elements and work themselves with some images. On the other hand, a freelance graphic designer may be employed for this job.


The last time you participated in a trade show, you probably didn’t realise how much graphic design you interacted with as you walked around the exhibition from stand to stand. The traditional trade show provides signs that take you in the direction you need to go. Each stand has a distinctive look, and more signs draw you into each stall.

Both these things come together, and somewhere a graphic designer looks at what attracts people. Graphic designers for trade shows must take into account the viewing distance for each sign and deliver a seamless look that attracts attention both from afar and from near. The look must also match the overall brand standards of the company.


Online stores require more graphic design than certain other types of companies that rely on physical products to attract customers. E-commerce requires a strong logo, user-friendly design, and unique images that show the product or service clearly.

At some point in their career, almost every graphic designer creates a website. Usually, designers work for marketing firms, production companies, or independent designers. Freelancers usually operate for smaller businesses.

Packaging of products

Each physical product has packaging that makes it shippable and consumer-friendly. Designers need to understand how the packaging looks at rival products on the stand, how well the box packs, and how it fits in a container.

Besides the form and function of the package, the designer should consider colour and whether it is related to the brand image, while still appearing on the shelf for anyone who passes through the product.