Graphic Design and Web Design Courses Letchworth Garden City

Graphic Design and Web Design Courses Letchworth Garden City

If you would like to become a graphic designer, the first thing to do is get a formal education in the respective field. Blue Sky Graphics in the United Kingdom is an online school that can help you get such an education in graphic design. You will learn the fundamentals of design along with the software commonly used by designers such as Photoshop and Illustrator. The graphic design course can help you get a stable job and add increased chances of success in your career.

Necessary Skills to become a Graphic Designer

Graphic design is an incredibly creative occupation that can be very rewarding because it helps you to express your creativity daily. Yet there’s a little drawback, with artistic careers; you just have to enjoy what you’re doing in order to do it well.

Necessary Skills to become a Graphic Designer
Necessary Skills to become a Graphic Designer


Graphic design is not just fun and games, so there are certain prerequisites for being a graphic designer. You must be creative in mind if you consider graphic design as a career. You need to be able to draw well and find out what colour combinations are appropriate for a specific project and which are not. Creativity is a major part because sometimes it’s the only part of graphic design, and there’s no replacement for it.

Technical IQ

Next in line is the technical ability. You need to understand your way around your computer, not simply that, with software programmes like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, you have to be fully comfortable. After all, these are the programmes that you can regularly use when you’re working.

Gone are the days when a pencil and paper are all you needed to become a good graphic designer; being computer-savvy is a huge part of graphic design. As technology progresses, you need to be able to adapt quickly too!

Getting through the message

Communicating capability is a significant aspect of graphic design. Ever wondered why the graphic design was often called Visual Communicating? It’s all about painting the right picture. As a graphic designer, you essentially have to come up with templates that can get a message across easily and efficiently. You’ve got to be able to deliver ideas well to give the customers what they want.

Other skills

The ability to solve problems is another skill that you need to learn if you want to be a graphic designer. You should see graphic design as a big brainteaser, and the quicker you solve it, the better for you. Coming up with bold colour combinations, lines, and borders that seem easy, but it’s definitely not. Ultimately, you do need organisational skills.

It pretty much sums up the qualities you need to become a graphic designer. Yet don’t think it’s easy if you have these skills, because hard work is an important part of improving yourself as a graphic designer. Without hard work, you’re going to be nowhere.

Web and UX Design – Similarities

The title of the job “web designer” has many definitions, and in fact, what a web designer does depends largely on what the customer or project requires. Or Web designers simply build visual designs and highly loyal website interactive prototypes and leave the coding of the website for developers both on the front and back end.

Nevertheless, the majority of web designers are involved in the design and creation of the website. Also, app analysis and testing are conducted routinely by certain web-designers.

Web designers are trying to solve their client’s problems; UX designers are looking to solve user problems. Web designers work through a problem-solving process: first, they learn about the issues their customers have, then create a web solution for them and then build and check the site until it is published. And web designers often take part, after a website is launched, to test the site further, collect user feedback, and then reiterate the design.

This iterative problem-solving process is similar to the process of UX design. UX designers start with user research; it is necessary to learn about a product’s potential users and learn what their problems are, how they are solved, and how users want and need the solution. User research is typically performed by user interviews, findings, population surveys, user storey writing, and individuals, etc.

UX designers will then build a design solution that addresses key needs for the user and then carry the concept back to the user to check its validity or usability. UX designers gather more user input before they launch the product, which leads to a new round of user testing and thus restarts the process.