Graphic Design and Web Design Courses Esher

Graphic Design and Web Design Courses Esher

Graphic design is an exciting way to convey messages in an attractive way to millions of people. Graphic designers design the final layout and packaging for a range of applications including posters, brochures, magazines and business articles.

For those who want to switch their jobs, graphic design is one of the most desired career. The web has changed our lives, and you get everything you want over the internet with a simple click. Similarly, you can participate in online design training via the internet if you want to develop your graphics skills or start anew from the basic level.

If you want to learn graphic design, don’t worry anymore! We have everything you need at Blue Sky Graphics to become a professional graphic designer.

Online Education

Some people don’t think online learning is as good as learning in a real classroom. Yet in a relaxed and supportive environment, you will appreciate the lesson better because the speaker will address you in particular in a one-to-one setting at Blue Sky Graphics.

For other activities and assignments, every class lasts about 90 minutes and for certain assignments and homework another 90 minutes. You can study or work and then take the class whenever you want. You need a computer and internet access in order to learn graphics design and become a professional artist throughout your busy home and working life.

Graphic Design Course by Blue Sky Graphics

The course in graphic design is a structured, industry focused, specialised course for all beginners, intermediates or those who want to develop their established skills. The graphic design courses are complete and are designed to prepare learners to become qualified graphic designers through our teaching approach.

Emphasis is focused on corporate illustration, painting and logos as well as advertising designs, concentrating on shapes, curves, images, forms and spaces. All this will be incorporated into the way graphic elements are printed after graphic design to visually represent emotions and messages have been processed in software.

In the course you’re going to be exposed to commercials, magazines, journals, business graphics unique to brand names and corporate cultures, documents, letterheads, business cards, badges, books, packaging etc.

What is the purpose of graphic design?

Modern graphic design covers all facets of human life, from books and posters to tablet and visual communication applications.



This intention is for branding purposes. The main emphasis is on designing logos that generally lay the foundation for the entire branding strategy. This is the role designers have in dealing with different influences which include different characteristics of the target audience, rules and principles of artistic harmony, psychological effects on human perception and emotion, the current environment for consumers, brand or business goals in companies.

Setting the theme

A broad range of graphic design techniques and diversity of approaches provide a permanent basis for defining the product theme through visual elements. As the design is capable not only of transmitting the message but of setting the tone and voice of communication, the visual elements, including meaning, typography, composition, colour, shape and scale, notify the user immediately about the app’s market segment and appeal for the emotions of the audience.

Web Design

Web designers collaborate with other web developers in order to incorporate templates into their websites. They create designs that draw attention and interest the buyer. They are also responsible for designing and accessing the web easily. You need to change graphics and use new models to get users to learn.

To work on a website, web designers must be fully trained so that HTML is done properly. In various parts of the website, web designers will work and develop their careers and become a project manager.

The roles of a web designer include:

• Create applications for websites.
• Link customers to create a prototype that meets their needs
• Ensure the graphs add to the content of the website
• Software for Traffic Monitoring

What is the concept of UX UI?

UI focuses on the visual elements of the website. UI dictates how visitors interact with the website content. The goal of a good user interface web design is to ensure usability, easy navigation of interfaces and intuitive website design so that visitors can easily access information.

UX focuses on the site’s user interface and describes how users navigate the web from A to B. Creation of user interface involves developing a map that separates the content into various parts and simplifies multiple websites or application navigation paths.