Graphic Design and Web Design Courses  Durham

Graphic Design and Web Design Courses  Durham

Blue Sky Graphics is a well-recognised school of graphic design in the UK. You graduate with our online courses with comprehensive knowledge of design theory, technical know-how, and an excellent portfolio of design, which are important in any creative career.

You can learn from experienced mentors in many ways in our graphic design, web design and UX UI design courses. At Blue Sky Graphics, we keep our lectures short and simple and allow you to practise your new skills while developing your eye for design with the great expertise of our highly qualified teaching staff.


The best style to choose from is if you prefer a clean without serif typefaces like Helvetica or a handwritten script. Typography gives character and plays an emotional role in any design.

We teach typography and typing, as it is a must for all visual communication modes.

Colour Theory

To graphic designers, the creation and implementation of a certain colour scheme is a large part of the response to the brief. Think about the power about brand colours (e.g., Blue Twitter, Violet Cadbury, and Red Coke) and how those colour variations automatically convey mood and sensation.

We teach students how to analyse and use colour effectively to get all their portfolio projects up to the next level.

For use graphic design, you have to use the programme Adobe (InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop). We also address which designers need to know about the production process, the configuration of paper, and the printing methods.

Adobe InDesign is the industry standard for technical graphic design. InDesign uses tools from press ads, brochures, and coffee table books, such as main pages and paragraph forms.

Adobe Illustrator is the leading creator of vectors and helps artists create a range of artworks, including maps, business logos, icons, and complex drawings of all dimensions, which are clean and scaled to perfection.

Adobe Photoshop is a system you might have learned and tried about. This is an unusual image processing, photo touching, and compiling software that provides all the tools needed for skilled images to be manipulated. Only the imagination restricts Photoshop, from digital graphics to colour separation, and graphics to web-based design.

Our course in graphic design will improve your skills and show you hundreds of new shortcuts and tricks to increase your productivity if you already know the design tools.

Salary Trends for Designers
Salary Trends for Designers

Salary Trends for Designers

The first argument is that a graphic designer’s wage is not pure science. Pay bands are strictly governed for certain government-controlled or impacted jobs, for example, military, civil service, or teaching, so you may be sure of what you will get for a particular job.

By contrast, salaries for graphic design are almost absolutely set on the market. Prices, therefore, rely on factors such as the current state of the economy, the demand for the graphic design expertise, and the number of employees.

Nonetheless, the positive news is that graphic designers are still in high demand.

As society and culture become increasingly digitalised, every organisation recognises it needs to be a design-based business to survive, thus raising the number of graphic design positions required to be filled.

As more businesses compete to hire the finest graphic designers, we expect average salaries to remain up. Initial salaries for first-time staff are very similar to other jobs; for example, the average salary for young designers in the UK is £21,961.

All graphic design jobs, including your first job, will compensate you sufficient for a relatively comfortable lifestyle. There are a lot of potentials with rapid growth in wages as you move into a mid-weight senior designer and incredible wages for design directors until you become a member of the industry.

Graphic Design and UX UI Design – how do they differ?

Imagine stepping into a house where you were never before, but it all feels good. The decoration suits your taste; you know the light switch turns on which lights — it just feels like the place was built for you!

This is what UX is doing! And when you first download an app or visit a website, and this feels like — you know there is a User Experience Designer (UX Designer).

In most cases, a UX designer works from a very early stage in a project, while graphic or user interface designers typically apply the shine to the project a little bit later.

While a graphic or user interface designer implements information like typefaces, colours, and image types, a UX designer does more to tell the vision of the product further up the pipeline.