Graphic Design and Web Design Courses Dunstable

Graphic Design and Web Design Courses Dunstable

Graphic design can be the easiest and most common form of communication. Growing companies combine graphic design and creativity to promote their brand. You must understand that you can distinguish your brand or company from your rivals using graphic design. An excellent graphic artist needs simple and natural communication skills, that is maybe one of the world’s most challenging things.

If you are interested in graphic design, you can take an online graphic design course by Blue Sky Graphics in the UK. You can study in a one-to-one learning environment that allows students to communicate in a convenient and friendly venue.

Elements of Design


The line is one of the fundamental elements of graphical design and is used to connect two or more points but is generally used for division of space and a specific position in graphical design.

Through the project or illustration of the graphic designer, lines can easily be seen as visual objects, textures, patterns, and backgrounds. When working with lines, due to the variety of these features, attention must always be paid to form, style, and colour.


Designers use colour in drawings so it can be applied to the backdrop, curves, forms, or other graphics of the style, and this is one of the main elements of graphic design.

Colour is very important in graphic design as every colour creates different feelings, and the colour palette needs to be created to convey the feeling to the viewer.

Some people may think that choosing colours is an easy task for designers, but it is not true because some colours do not fit well. They can convey opposite emotions, so the colour theory must be learned in graphic design to fit colours perfectly.


Another element of basic graphic design is typography; text style or presentation is the definition of the type. You must select the right font for your design project because each typeface style has different sensations and emotions.

You will find playful, gritty, elegant, minimalist, and many more typing types, and you will have to select the font to fit your message when designing a project for graphic design. It is also important to note that many decorative fonts are referred to as display fonts, and these fonts are created as titles or in small quantities using their ornamental nature.

Software used by Graphic Designers
Software used by Graphic Designers

Software used by Graphic Designers

The most popular graphic design programme is Adobe Photoshop. The raster patterns of basic cutting are more complex; Photoshop can do everything in image editing. Photoshop is known for classic features like pen tips, philtres, and masks, but in the latest update, you can find some exciting things like a fast masking tool. Photoshop has a potentially infinite range of skills and is an outstanding tool for graphic design learning.

Photoshop and Illustrator share similar tools and features, but Adobe Illustrator is focused on the development of vectors. You may also make use of an Illustrator’s mesh tool, brush, swatches, paints, or type and pathfinder for a mix of awesome logo designs, icons, symbols, and sketches.

Adobe InDesign has been a must in software magazines and journals for the media industry since 1999. Select and easily export to PDF or JavaScript impressive posts, datasheets, and brochures. InDesign has a low learning curve, and a combination of text and graphics is perfect for newbies.

The Blue Sky Graphics online courses cover the Adobe subject, so you can learn the most important software and create fantastic designs for your clients!

Web Design

Web design requires a number of website production and maintenance skills and disciplines—web designers design mainly for online communication.

Similarities between a web designer and graphic designer
Both parties employed similar techniques during the initial art cycles, for example, drawing, using Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. Web designers do use a graphics maker, including the logo, the banner, and the user interface guide. Graphic designers will create logos on different channels, including the Internet, in multiple formats.

Differences between the web designer and the graphic designer
The applications and tools used are specific for graphic designers and web designers. In general, a graphic designer uses Adobe InDesign for press-related projects, Adobe Illustrator for logos, and Adobe Photoshop to manipulate photographs.

A web designer uses tools like Adobe Dreamweaver or WordPress to integrate websites for content management, such as HTML, CSS, and WordPress.

Concepts such as architecture, typography, space use, contrast, balance, and colour are common to graphic designers. Website designers need to understand how user interfaces, programming, and display limitations will visually reflect these elements.