Graphic Design and Web Design Courses Ashford

Graphic Design and Web Design Courses in Ashford

Graphic design is a science of colours and textures that can convey meaning and evocative memories in subconscious minds.

Graphic designers produce concepts which, either by computer software or by hand, inspire, alert or attract users. They develop the general idea and manufacture posters, pamphlets, newspapers and company papers in different applications.

Learning Online

For some time now, online training has become a common option for students who for various reasons, cannot obtain training on-site. And while basic online courses are still available, technology and online pedagogy have dramatically improved over the last decade. And now, it seems quite interesting that online schooling is increasingly superior to the conventional teaching counterpart. There is growing proof of student achievement and desire for the online classroom that benefits all of us in general.

Course in Graphic Design

Digital graphic design is carried out for nine months in a one-to-one class system. The course covers Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. This is split into many sections, including the transition of your portfolio to the transformation of contemporary graphic design. Your portfolio is an ideal way to make your name known and your skills so that the potential client looks at you and hires you to match their needs. If your portfolio is sufficiently creative, an advertising firm can use you to market the goods and create a favourable brand identity for growth.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop can be the most frequently used platform for designers, so we use it for all design training sessions. Photoshop is incredibly useful for image editing. Raster images can be drastically transformed and combined with philtres and masks (image files composed of pixels) and is also a perfect way to play with colours.

Adobe InDesign

Stuff like banners, posters, brochures, magazines, journals, submissions and books can be produced with this. InDesign can also publish in combination with the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite material suitable for mobile computers. Graphic designers and producers, who produce and layout books, posters and printed media, are the main clients.

Within InDesign, the basic editing and effects are added to the images. The InDesign Tools also helps you to create simple vector diagrams.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrators is a ground-breaking vector software developed for professionals in the area of graphic design. This software uses shape drawing algorithms instead of using bitmap images to store data. This is why vector graphics can be calculated on any scale without losing accuracy or overall resolution within the illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator is used because of its distinctive style to do everything from company logos to detailed sketches to animated designs. This can print models, create beautiful graphics on the website and provide users with complete power.

Adobe Illustrator

Your Portfolio

You will have built your portfolio by the end of the course with the research you have done throughout the year. If you want to work as a photographer, writer, editor or developer, one thing is a certain-a comprehensive portfolio that highlights your accomplishments is the secret to a first-impression crash. You need an impressive digital portfolio that can showcase your talents and accomplishments to improve your chances of standing out from your peers. It helps you to get your dream job done or get higher paying customers. If you’re a freelancer or are searching for new career opportunities in this area, a modern online portfolio is important to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Graphic design is a competitive field, and we understand how important a designer’s portfolio is. We are also helping you to acquire the best portfolio for your future ventures! Check out Blue Sky Graphics for some amazing online courses now!


Will your website contribute to your overall business development?
This is, of course, one of the toughest weapons on the global marketplace. Nevertheless, there has been a wide discussion on the benefits and drawbacks of digital media. Can a company succeed without a web presence? The odds are not in their favour. The majority of potential consumers are part of a digital era that requires companies to choose this channel to reach their target audience. Any promotion of social media sites would be pointless without a centralised platform. This leads us to the golden question – how do you build your website?

Would you do this yourself, or do you need the assistance of an expert to do this? WordPress has come to the rescue of low-budget businesses. Because WordPress is a wealthy and user-friendly Content Management System (CMS), businesses can build their website. You will then save your money to recruit developers to build a website.

Here are seven reasons why WordPress is best suited for building your website:

01. Customised

Have you noticed that most businesses change their site regularly during the season? Nonetheless, not all businesses have the monetary capital to do so. This is where the technology from WordPress comes in. It provides simple instructions on how to build the website. You can also easily reset the WordPress site to customise it according to your new requirements.

You may also develop the platform from scratch or get support from businesses. The rest becomes history once the initial template is formed. There are individual features or the whole template that can be easily customised.

02. User-friendly

A number of web developers use WordPress because of its user-friendly nature, and it gives its users the fastest access. Nor do you have to be a coder or a developer to create or edit your website. It’s so simple. There is no need for experience at all.

A basic login panel is included in the WordPress dashboard. The directions given are very straightforward and categorically organised to help developers or business owners navigate easily. This makes it one of the world’s most readily available websites.

03. Templates

Have you been working with construction blocks? Could you follow easy steps and create a splendid monument? Operating with the WordPress site is almost the same. The platform provides a diverse collection of free and paid models. These models are categorised according to industry and design.

This system allows developers to recognise the perfect prototype for their project. The design also has a complete preview of the homepage and the other pages. This allows entrepreneurs to visualise and develop their website template.

4. Plugins

Static websites are now quite obsolete. Most people need an immersive and creative design that lets them differentiate themselves from their peers and customers. Plugins have been portrayed as a blessing. They can be installed as part of the template, edited according to the consumer requirements and replaced by the latest versions. Millions of plugin options are available and conveniently accessible on a low price as part of the WordPress platform.

5. Low Price

The budget is one of the main concerns associated with the design of a website. While most businesses want to build their digital front with the most advanced technologies, they have no financial power.

The benefit of using a WordPress site is that both free and paid versions are offered. Also paid options are inexpensive, and many exclusive discounts are offered. It is one of those sites where you can buy most of the features your website needs.

6. Responsive to technology

Most people usually believe that they need specialised skills and language awareness. This is not true. The primary website can be designed by graphic design companies, other than limited technical features.

Contrary to designs like book cover designs and the design of social media pages, computer knowledge can be learned quickly. There are pretty clear instructions for each step, and it has one of the simplest technologies on the market.

7. Support for the consumer

Everyone from time to time needs some guidance. The benefits of using WordPress technology are the numerous tutorials provided by the service. Several forums also provide in-depth insights into the development of a website.

Every detail is small and important, and information is available online. If the questions are not answered, or further information is needed, the customer service team is welcome to contact the business owners.