Graphic and Web Design Courses in East Kilbride

Graphic and Web Design Courses in East Kilbride

If you want to learn graphic design skills at home quickly, Blue Sky Graphics is the place for you. We not only teach you skills, we show you how to use them in practice.
The 3 Ps-passion, proficiency, and professionalism are our core principles, and we want to pass on the same attributes to our students. Our online courses are offered in a one-to-one environment where you can receive the full attention of the tutor, so you can better learn!
You should pass on to professional web design and UX / UI design until you have mastered graphic design!
Note: Only after you have the experience and expertise in graphic design will you participate in web design and UX / UI design courses. All three of them in Blue Sky Graphics are available.

Is it necessary to take graphic design courses before taking web design courses?

Absolutely! Absolutely! Graphic design sets the foundation for web design and is important for learning before taking UX / UI computer courses! Nobody can really consider web design and internet designs without computer design.
Graphic design is used to improve the appearance of any model. If you have the right skills and determination in this area, it can be a major challenge for you. The print design, web design, visual design and digital design are growing types of graphic design. These methods cannot be mastered immediately, but if you have the right skills and a strong trainer at your fingertips you will rapidly become a graphic designer.
These days, people do not have time for their skills to attend universities and colleges. But the introduction of online courses made it easier to learn graphic design at home and create a fantastic portfolio of products. If you are interested in finding out about this field, you have got it right.

Graphic design courses at Blue Sky Graphics’ Disposal

Blue Sky Graphics for new and experienced graphic designers is one of the best online graphic design courses. We offer different training levels to evaluate the level of knowledge you already have in graphic design. Blue Sky Graphics presents graduates with 3D modelling and industrial branding logos.
You not only master the basics of Blue Sky Graphics but also know how to implement them. The tutors have outstanding communication skills and work very hard. They understand your topic well and will help you in any study and mission.
Upon completion of your graphic design course particularly for Blue Sky Graphics, where we complete our graphic design course, in a total of nine months, with online classes in which students and tutors work together as if they were in a classroom, you can now go to web design and UX / UI design courses, right here at Blue Sky Graphics, if you want!

Courses on web architecture

Web architecture applies to the Internet website concept. It usually applies to the development of user interface website features, not to software creation. Web design is used to build websites for mobile users, but the concept has become increasingly relevant over the years for smartphones and tablets.
This course aims to demonstrate the principles and implementation of web technology. You will learn how to integrate and overlap website development systems and digital models. You will prepare a number of other websites in the process of web design, with which you may produce materials. All about the page, including the language, how it appears and how it operates, is determined by the architecture of the app.
You must take into consideration those features of web design when creating the website. It is important to pick a font that is simple to read and supports the website design. It is also essential, when you choose colours for your website, to concentrate on aligning colours with your brand and the message you want to send.

How should you prepare yourself?

• Have a clear knowledge of typography, the philosophy of colour, images, composition, blocking and other style and skills.

• knowing and practicing important Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign software and capabilities;

• Build identities and merchandise packets for prospective customers;

• Learn how Adobe Photoshop edit and treat images

• Master in Adobe Illustrator pen device, form maker device and other primary vector modelling software.

• How to render Adobe InDesign editorial and website templates

• Comprehension of good graphic concept and ad strategy concepts for convincing ads and logos.

• Go through the entire cycle of kit design;

• Read from Adobe Photoshop’s non-destructive editing methods.

• Work on the concept of an event flyer to recognize a high degree of complexity, equilibrium and overall design;

• Think about and how to develop some of the upcoming fashion themes for 2020

• Know font history and how to match fonts.

• Discover the fundamentals of Affinity Designer to understand how Adobe Illustrator to Affinity Designer vary.

• Work on a 7-page vector monitoring workbook and be assured that the conclusion of this workbook should yield a complex vector illustration.

• Know the graphic design method phase by stage

Know font history and how to match fonts
Know font history and how to match fonts

Structure of one to one class

You can study with our experienced tutors in a comfortable environment at your own pace. What matters every minute of the day is emerging technologies. Handheld apps allow learning opportunities simple to navigate during travel or job breaks. Pick the right program for your lifestyle and learning needs.
Whether you are searching for a job to cover your school fees when learning or are working and are searching for studies that can alter your occupation or boost your profession, combining research and study would have a big effect on the future.
The strategies for distance learning are popular since they are portable. Our online lectures could be ideal for people who cannot wait a while to learn new skills and to go to school. Nevertheless, you will be able to arrange your research tasks if you find you are not inspired enough to keep up with online courses, without a tight timetable. This gives you the feeling that you are studying as a pupil in a traditional classroom so that you will do well.


WordPress is a PHP Web-based, open-source creation tool. It is potentially today’s easiest and most effective content management and blogging system (or CMS). Blue Sky Graphics shows you how to build a modern website. You may have used WordPress or just wondered what WordPress is like, if you are just starting a business and still are studying how to improve your online presence or have been using a platform for a while, and you are just not satisfied with it. Simply stated, WordPress is a website and blog posting forum. It provides a rather customized user experience.
A nice thing about WordPress is that it is fully open source, so the general public can use the source code used to run WordPress. This ensures that anybody on the world can alter WordPress code and modify it more if appropriate. This is normally not important, but it also ensures that all plugins and models are open sources, too!


Elementor is a WordPress-built drag-and – drop website. With a graphic editor, you can create stunning pages and easily build interactive websites. The WordPress plugin is a comprehensive solution that is usable in all aspects of web design on one framework.
Elementor is an effective way to create anything from the main website to certain landing pages. Sales sites, advertisement sites and even design types are available. This platform helps you to build every page on your WordPress website.

Web design through Adobe XD

Adobe XD is much easier to access and use than any Adobe software. This promotes a smooth display and provides a positive user interface from the beginning.

An integrated development framework is accessible from Adobe Interface Design. The app is used to create wireframes, mock-ups and prototypes that can be seen on the desktop and handheld devices in Live Demos. The entire process – from the wireframe to the product – also takes place inside a single project.
Elements can be produced and used easily using Adobe XD character and software for creation. You will then export the specific objects.