Do Graphic Designers Make Good Money UK?

Do Graphic Designers Make Good Money UK?

The annual wage for Graphic Designers in London, United Kingdom, is £30,000. But skill set, expertise, and level of responsibility both play a major role in the salaries of graphic designers.

Factors that affect the salary of a graphic designer

When talking about the average wage for a graphic designer, a lot of aspects come into play. It is never easy to figure out what the average salary is without knowing how it varies. Here are some significant considerations that can influence the wage of the graphic designer:

Education Achieved

– Graphic designers with a bachelor’s degree typically receive better pay than those with an associate’s degree because they have understood more about graphic design. A master’s degree designer typically receives a higher salary than a bachelor’s degree.

Do Graphic Designers Make Good Money UK
Do Graphic Designers Make Good Money UK

People with many years under their belts are called seniors and expect to earn better than newbies. This is because they have experience and the opportunity to do multiple projects in the architecture industry. Such experienced staff members serve much of the time as head of divisions in businesses and can pay as many as £120,000 a year. The only reason they gain such huge sums of money is that they possess more than just concept skills, but also remarkable management and leadership skills. People who have served in a design company for more than a decade appear to be at the helm of leadership at some stage in their career.

Job experience

– The number of years of experience employed as a graphic designer will significantly impact the compensation prospects. The more work experience a graphic designer has, the less preparation the team member needs and the more important they are to the business. Job knowledge can play an even greater role in certain cases than schooling.


– A big employer in a large city is likely to pay better salaries than a small company. It has got a lot to do with rivalry. Usually, a graphic designer working for a well-known big business like Google would receive a higher salary than a small company.


– We have all heard the saying, “It is all about location” because it is all about location. Every city and every state can pay different salaries depending on hourly income statistics, housing costs, and related variables.

Your reputation

–Your success as a graphic designer will impact the amount of money you can earn. When you are doing a stellar job that employers enjoy, you will give yourself a reputation that comes in handy later in your career. Due to their strong standing, graphic designers receive feedback and references from other customers. It does not matter whether a freelance artist or an employing one is working. If he/she can manage projects well enough, he/she can certainly get a lot of work and pay extra.

If you are a full-time employee or a freelancer – People employed as freelance graphic designers rely on online gigs and referrals to make a living. On the other hand, full-time workers collaborate for various organisations and departments and are given specific tasks that they carry out during the year. They have work protection, while the former seems to ride on the chance to do a job.

Freelance designers

Freelance designers often make their money every hour. This will vary from £15 to £30 per hour based on the customer they have. On the other hand, permanent employers are paid a certain sum of money each month. E.g., the average salary for such workers in the UK is £45,000. This all relies on the place of employment.

Skills – The skills a graphic designer needs to play an important part in the form of the wage they will receive.

Skills Affect Graphic Designer’s Salary too

Teach yourself graphic design and extend your skills by creating a solid base for common design concepts and values. If you understand different ideas and know-how to deal with them, do not forget to have a suitable visual attraction for your work. Find your signature voice and cultivate the ability to communicate messages that you want to send without text explanations.

Skills Affect Graphic Designer's Salary too
Skills Affect Graphic Designer’s Salary too

What is the best way to learn graphic design?

First, begin with a detailed online analysis to identify the right opportunities that designers can trust, such as graphic design guides, online graphic design courses like Blue Sky Graphics, or online professional graphic design instruction. Do not miss this phase. Spending time to study is worth the effort because it would not allow you to spend time later on worthless advice or out-dated material.

Do not forget about e-learning sites, as these markets will provide you with one of the most important resources and pathways to graphic design learning. When choosing an online course, pay attention to ratings and choose the one that has a decent number of favourable reviews. Look if the course offers a free trial and try it out to make sure this one is correct for you and easy to follow.

After all, the course has to discuss all the basics in detail and include up-to-date material about all subjects. Also, make sure that the course you have chosen offers all the tasks and hands-on drills you need for your practise. If you find you need an online graphic design degree, some design courses offer completion certificates after the course. However, do not pay too much attention to having proof of completion – concentrate more on the most valuable skills. Think about how to practise graphic design easily and take the most of your design skills and use them later in your future career as a creative graphic designer.

Career Outlook

Graphic designers are very much in demand today, particularly those who use digital media for marketing their ideas or products. Overall, graphic designers are expected to see a 3% increase in jobs in the 2021-2028 decade. It is important to note that the style of work a graphic designer does can impact job development.

For example, graphic designers working for newspapers, magazines, and related outlets are expected to face a decrease in employment – a 22 per cent decline. Graphic designers employed in the construction of computer systems and similar fields, on the other hand, were able to see job growth of 24 per cent during the same time.

It can be a very satisfying and fulfilling profession to work as a graphic designer. Creating an image or an illustration to help you get the point across or market a product can be fun and soothing. When contemplating a graphic designer’s average wage, it is important to note that obtaining education and having work experience is the first step in having the highest possible salary for a job that most graphic designers enjoy.