Do Advertising Jobs Pay Well?

Do Advertising Jobs Pay Well?

Individuals with an undergraduate degree in advertising have a variety of fascinating job options to select from, each with its own set of rewarding characteristics and pay scale. The following are ten distinct job titles and their median salaries:

Copywriter for advertising

Advertising copywriters develop a variety of different types of sales copies for a business. A copywriter for advertising may compose dialogue for a commercial, design brochures and other promotional materials, or write content for a company’s website. The typical annual income for advertising copywriters is £51,000. There are possibilities for in-house advertising copywriters as well as freelance copywriting options that allow you to work from home part-time or even full-time.

Do Advertising Jobs Pay Well
Do Advertising Jobs Pay Well

Consultant in branding or marketing

Brand or marketing consultants are advertising specialists who conduct an audit of a company’s advertising activities and recommend customised solutions for increasing the effectiveness of the company’s advertising. In a nutshell, they aid a business in refining its branding approach. The typical pay for a marketing consultant is £60,000. Brand consultants may work for an agency, a single client, or establish their own consulting firm.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketers build marketing programmes specifically for online usage. Their work may include landing pages, website content, email marketing, corporate blogs or newsletters, graphics, colour palettes for various campaigns, PPC advertisements, and social media material. The typical pay for a digital marketer is £49,800. The typical pay for digital marketing managers is £65,632. Digital marketers might work for an agency, a firm, or even establish their own.

Account executive in advertising

Account executives in advertising often work for an advertising agency. Their position involves a variety of responsibilities, including contacting prospective clients and maintaining relationships with current clients. They plan and design advertising packages for their clients and manage each client’s advertising budget. Clients frequently see advertising account executives as advertising gurus. The typical annual income for an advertising account executive is £47,000.

Analyst of marketing research

Marketing research analysts provide in-depth analyses of data and trends pertaining to a variety of advertising campaigns and alternatives. They compile reports and make suggestions in response to the data they receive. Their suggestions frequently serve as the foundation for a company’s overall advertising plan. The median income for a marketing research analyst is £53,600 per year. Analysts of marketing research might work for an advertising agency, a corporation, or they can establish their own business.

Media strategist

Media planners, like brand consultants or brand strategists, are responsible for developing the most effective advertising campaigns for their business or client. They communicate the most effective strategies for reaching certain segments of the market and assist in the execution of the overall marketing plan. The typical pay for a media planner is £49,800. Media strategists may work for an agency, for a single firm, or for themselves.

Press officer

Press officers are often referred to as media officers. They reply to journalist inquiries, write press releases, and scout the media for opportunities to promote their employer or client. The typical annual pay for a press or media officer is £64,000.

Public relations officer

Sometimes referred to as public relations experts or chief communications officers, public relations officers are also known as public relations specialists. They oversee the company’s communication on several levels. For instance, they may act as the company’s media spokesman.
Additionally, they may supervise social media managers, bloggers, and other members of the creative team. Their primary objective is to safeguard and enhance the company’s reputation. The typical income for a public relations officer is £57,950. A chief communications officer’s typical pay is £125,110. Public relations professionals might work alone, for an agency, or for a corporation.

Art director for advertising

Advertising art directors are in charge of the campaign’s visual components. They may collaborate with or oversee other creatives to ensure that the company’s or client’s advertising message is presented consistently. The median income for an advertising art director is £66,500. They may work for an advertising agency, a business, or establish their own consulting or advertising firm.

Manager of social media

Social media managers are advertising professionals who are tasked with the responsibility of developing and executing social media strategies on behalf of corporations. This encompasses both existing and future social media channels. The typical income for a social media manager is £50,534. Social media managers may work for an advertising agency, for a business, or for themselves.

Earning Potential of an Advertising Career

Earning potential for advertising professions is determined by several things. For example, while an advertising profession with a non-profit organisation may pay less than a comparable position with a for-profit organisation, working for a non-profit may be more fulfilling for certain individuals. As an advertising professional, you will be able to earn a better pay as you develop expertise.

Additionally, some firms may reward their advertising staff for reaching or exceeding specified targets. If you want to open your own advertising firm, you will have complete control over your income potential. As your experience grows and your portfolio grows, you will be able to charge greater prices for your services.

What Types of Businesses Employ Advertisers?

Advertising specialists are required in every business. However, several sectors have advertising restrictions that must be observed. For instance, the legal profession is heavily regulated. Commercials, blog entries, website material, online and offline advertisements, and social media content may all be subject to state bar-imposed limitations.

What Skills Can I Use to Advance My Career in Advertising?

The abilities that can benefit you in an advertising career are primarily determined by your perception of what you want to perform as a professional advertisement. Naturally, as more businesses embrace digital marketing, all advertising professionals should be familiar with the fundamentals of popular software packages such as Adobe Creative Suite. Check out Blue Sky Graphics to learn graphic design and Adobe.

It is important to grasp how to use Google’s keyword planner and pay per click system. Understanding customer purchasing patterns and psychology, as well as the usage of specific colours in media campaigns and on websites, is also critical for an advertising profession. Public speaking and speech writing are two more talents that advertising benefit from.