What is an Elementor?

Ever since Elementor software plugin launched, it has had a wide introduction to the WordPress people group, but still, many people do not know that a powered structure exists at all. Therefore, we chose to compose a conventional presentation, giving you a closer companion and introduction to Elementor Page Builder. What exactly is Elementor for WordPress? Elementor is a free and definitive WordPress page developer, allowing you to create stunning WordPress sites in the easiest and fastest way possible. What is so unique about Elementor? The key distinction is that you can get to a significant level of the structure while planning live and on the interface of your site.

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Colour Theory In Graphic Design 2020
Color Theory In Graphic Design 2020

Colour Theory In Graphic Design 2020

Colour theory in graphic design 2020 Everywhere we look we see colour. Colour plays an important part of graphic design and learning about graphic design theory. Right now, you are seeing black and white as you read this information. It…

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The Complete Graphic Designer Salary Guide

The UK has the third-largest creative economy in the entire world – providing jobs for over three million people and design is it's fastest-growing sector. According to the Design Business Association “design will undoubtedly be a key driver for growth in a post-Brexit economy.” How much are you worth?

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What Is Typography?
Typography 2020

What Is Typography?

Typography and design 2020 Typography plays one of the biggest roles in graphic design. It is the art or technique of displaying words or text in an appealing, digestible, and readable way. This is an art form for a reason…

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Free Photoshop techniques 2020
Free Photoshop techniques 2020 - Photoshop CC tutorials

Free Photoshop techniques 2020

Free Photoshop techniques 2020 - Photoshop CC tutorials There are many programs available for digital artists, but none are as versatile as Adobe Photoshop. Originally just an image editing program, it has become one of the most useful and indispensable…

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is the least difficult, most well-known approach to making your own site or blog. At Blue Sky Graphics we offer a specialised Web Design Course for those wanting to study this popular career path. On a marginally more technical level, WordPress is an open-source content administration framework and is written in PHP and matched with a MySQL and MariaDB Database which implies that anybody can use or change WordPress for nothing. WordPress was originally made as a blog-distributing framework yet has advanced to help other sorts of web content, for example, discussions, media displays, learning the board the framework, and online stores.

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Graphic Design Dictionary

Graphic designers have their own vocabulary and at Blue Sky Graphics online school we instil this industry-standard important key vocabulary to our students and from day one. From ablation and aperture to vertex and saturation if you are starting in graphic design, or you need a quick refresher course, we will make it easy for you. Our graphic design teachers are among some of the absolute best and these key terms every graphic designer should know by heart. And for all those non-graphic designers we help these words might help paint a picture (pardon the pun). Enjoy.

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Graphic design jobs and how to make money using graphic design

You’ve stumbled across graphic design and perhaps you are just starting out looking to learn a graphic design course before you cash in on gigs and client work or maybe you are fully trained already and you looking to make some fast cash. If you are after ways to make money quickly the good news is that it is possible for you to start earning money online now. But if you are after long-term, more sustainable income-producing results, there are certainly ways you can make money online today. The truth is that making money online is not as complicated as most make it out to appear and if you can design you have the potential to earn. It does however require some discipline and some friendly advice on the way.

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What makes the perfect graphic design course?

Graphic design courses will vary from school to school and will range from catering to offering mere introductions to graphic design to the more advance comprehensive style courses that cover basic foundations to in depth rules, principles, and applications. A successful online environment should complement an online graphic design course and utilise a virtual classroom to allow live lectures for tutor and student interaction, and videoconferencing as well as quick turnaround emails.

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How to stay sane amidst being on lockdown. Take up a new skill

At Blue Sky Graphics we have been scratching our heads putting together some of the best freebies, career-enhancing skills and resources that you can use with time at home from graphic design to single-leg deadlifts. You may have extra time on your hands that you have not before so you might as well make the most of it, right? Those cash-strapped looking for free design resources need to look no further and those on a tight budget wanting to study graphic design can take advantage of interest-free instalment plans...

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