Graphic Design Courses

How to stay sane amidst being on lockdown. Take up a new Graphic Design skill

At Blue Sky Graphics we have been scratching our heads putting together some of the best freebies, career-enhancing skills and resources that you can use with time at home from graphic design to single-leg deadlifts. You may have extra time on your hands that you have not before so you might as well make the most of it, right? Those cash-strapped looking for free design resources need to look no further and those on a tight budget wanting to study graphic design can take advantage of interest-free instalment plans…

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Graphic Design Tips for working from home

Working remotely is now in vogue more than ever before and can be hugely satisfying, but only if you keep your productivity up, sustain a healthy work balance, and keep connected and focused.
To work as from home successfully either in the capacity as a graphic designer or another field as obvious as it sounds you will need to have a device to work from and probably the internet.
If you are a student of graphic design, it is probably useful to have access to your software, a printer to create hard copies of work produced and some inspiration in your working environment. Once you have all these items then you’re all set to have a home graphic design studio…

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Tools and tips to work or study remotely as a graphic designer

Now more than ever graphic designers, students and others are working from home. The day has come, and with COVID-19 Corona around the world you’ve already probably had to work or study from home for whatever reason. You’ve got your work stuff and made a far from ideal workspace so now what? The problem is, you’ve got a family, children, housemates, or that cute dog that does not comprehend that working from home means you need to focus and get work or study done.
Your study or work-from-home plan should think about all the possibilities for getting work done as efficiently as possible…

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How to Work as a Graphic Designer During Times of Crisis

While many companies now require their employees to work from home, more companies are joining the list, but what about freelancers’ graphic designers.

Aside from the various new initiatives and policies by government there are still many ways to work from home there are other ways to make money from home either as a newly skilled graphic designer or an experienced graphic designer.

Even when there isn’t a new virus spreading, other emergencies can necessitate your sudden need to work remotely. Natural disasters, power outages, even cold and flu season are all reasons you might have to work at home for a few days.

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Best reasons for being a graphic designer

Best Reasons for Being a Graphic Designer

So what is the best thing about graphic design?

“Graphic design is an area I have loved since I was a young child from collecting Marvel comics to then enjoying drawing in 3D. Being able to use my lifetime of creative experiences to help other students by teaching them my own knowledge not only makes me lucky, but I also get to meet great people online, our students come from all over the UK and much further away too and seeing these students grow and make successful businesses themselves is really rewarding.” Han

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Is graphic design future proof?

With so many worries in the world and the advent of the COVID-19 Corona pandemic many people have been asking about the future of graphic design.
First things first; graphic designers were needed many years ago, still needed today and will be needed in many years to come. While the demand in graphic design careers will be highly linked to the needs of the economy, in general, the reassuring thing to know is that robots and computers are not likely to take over in this field.
Every waking hour, most of us are inundated from the moment we wake up and check our mobile phone notifications, emails, apps and news with information from mobile phones, magazines, computers, Television, billboards and more.

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What does it take to make a ‘good’ graphic designer very good?

You have now become a graphic designer and you want to differentiate yourself from the crowd and become a very good graphic designer perhaps? If you’re confident about the skills you’ve got as a designer, maybe you need help because there are one or two things you feel, you are lacking costing you opportunities or even worse client work. all these interviews you’ve been getting.

Or maybe you have never worked in graphic design and you are just starting out or you are thinking about studying graphic design to embark on this brand-new journey? This article will explore what it takes to be a good graphic designer covering the essentials required to stand out from the crowd and get further ahead in your career.

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Graphic designer job role, duties and interviewing techniques

The road to career success as a graphic designer looks different for everyone. Working on design briefs from home on flexi-time for a busy mum could be the ideal situation for one person just as working across multiple in-house briefs full time might be for another. Or perhaps after you’ve thought about it you are unsatisfied with your current career now you realise that a career in the graphic design world is the way forward for you. But before you commit the effort, training, time and money that it takes to acquire the training and job search; you want to know what your job prospects will look?

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Adobe Graphic Design Online Training

Graphic design online training varies from institution to institution, but all good course providers will have an established reputation.
Another indicator is the percentage of graduates that secure jobs after completing their course. As a benchmark do not be shy to ask the college or school you are researching how many students find work and how long it took. Blue Sky Graphic from March 2019-December 2019 confirms that 79% of their intake were candidates that found work within 3 months of the course completion.

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