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WordPress is open-source software, which means it is free to use, modify, and redistribute. As a result, its original source code is freely accessible to the public. WordPress software is absolutely free and has an indefinite validity period. You may get it from the official website.

Uses of WordPress:

1. WordPress is used by well-known businesses.

WordPress is such a dependable and popular platform that even the world’s largest corporations utilise it. Thousands of enterprises, from large corporations to tiny businesses, rely on WordPress – in all, WordPress controls 59.5 per cent of the current Content Management System industry! WordPress is genuinely a worldwide platform; here are some further statistics:

2. WordPress Is Simple to Use

We will get to the technological wonders in a moment, but WordPress’s user-friendliness is a big plus. It includes simple-to-install templates (and entirely customisable code if you are working with an agency) as well as an editing interface that needs no HTML knowledge to make modifications, change layouts, and more.

It is easy to update your business information, product information, and content on your website using WordPress. However, if you need assistance, there are millions of lessons on YouTube and around the web on how to make these upgrades, so you will never be short of resources.

3. WordPress Makes It Simple To Find Yourself Online

While we just highlighted why it is great for your convenience, you are not the only one who benefits – search engines enjoy it as well. The WordPress interface simplifies the process of entering meta descriptions, adding picture alt text, and a few other important components that assist index sites effectively.

On the back end, the platform is designed to be accessible and constantly optimised. Because search engine algorithms are continuously changed, WordPress-powered websites perform extraordinarily well when consumers look for possible providers.

4. WordPress Is A Free and Open-Source Platform

WordPress, believe it or not, is the essence of charity. The platform’s original source code is accessible for free, and it may be updated and shared for free as well. There are several plug-ins for the platform that may assist you in customising your pages, optimising search engine optimisation, and capturing information using forms. Most of them are simple to use and inexpensive (but some of our favourites are free).

5. WordPress Is a Trustworthy Platform

We have gone on and on about the significance of website security (and if your website is not utilising HTTPS, you should stop reading this post and call us right away), but if you are concerned about the safety and security of your website, WordPress is a secure platform. This year, cybercriminals are targeting manufacturers and their supply chains, but a secure website protects your customers’ data and corporate information.

If your WordPress website has a security vulnerability, it is due to the usage of outdated software, weak passwords, and other avoidable flaws, so make sure your technology is up to date. And if you have any questions or concerns about any of them, the platform’s security staff is exceptional at addressing problems promptly.

Are you unsure if your website is susceptible to hackers? Request our free digital health check, and we will tell you what you need to know to establish a website that protects the information of your customers, workers, and business.

6. WordPress Is Totally Customisable

We touched on this briefly in the first portion of this post, but we want to emphasise the advantages of working with a platform that is entirely customised — or as out of the box as you need.

Templates are ideal for people who want to design their own website, but if you want to develop pages that are unique to the appearance, feel, and demands of your company, you (or your marketing agency) may build from scratch. Even if you choose with the latter, a specially built website will still adhere to the platform’s native user experience, which means you will not lose any of the user-friendliness you see on your end (but it will be totally personalised on the back end).

7. Responsive Themes Make It Simple To Navigate Your Website

Mobile-first indexing is now available, which means that search engines will utilise the site experience on a phone as the foundation for crawling in their algorithms. This implies that your website must look fantastic and function effectively regardless of whether your potential consumer is accessing it on a phone, tablet, computer, or anything in between.

Responsive website design is the standard these days, so if you have a distinct version of your website that appears on mobile vs. desktop, it is time to make a change.

WordPress’s responsive themes and mobile plug-ins make it simple for customers to connect with your company online. Its native user interface displays samples of how your website appears in various viewports, allowing you to quickly check how your website appears even if you do not have a tablet with you at the time.

8. WordPress can support multiple users

Multi-user capability may seem like a concept that requires a dictionary to comprehend, but if you have numerous teams, agencies, or even freelancers working on your website behind the scenes, you must provide them access.

You have total control over who gets access to your website using WordPress (remember, security is critical!). You may establish new accounts with permissions tailored to the user’s accessibility requirements while blocking them from accessing other places if necessary.

9. Use Testimonial Plugins to Increase Clicks

Testimonials are an effective sales tool. We utilise them in our business and urge our customers to do the same since they are an excellent feature for your website when shoppers are investigating your company. Include information from satisfied customers on your custom pages or use plug-ins to include product and/or service testimonials as a selling approach to assist improve the quality of your brand and attract people to contact you.

10. Create a Social Network

For millions of individuals, social media is an essential part of their daily lives. According to studies, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter affect more than 45 per cent of customers when it comes to buying purchases.

Creating your own social networking site is as easy as installing WordPress plugins. It is a terrific method to connect with others who share your interests, particularly if you construct a specialty website. Blue Sky Graphics can help you learn graphic design and WordPress online!