5 Graphic Design Software Options For Beginners

5 Graphic Design Software Options For Beginners

The finest graphic design software enables you to create designs that are ready for printing and distribution quickly and simply. Creating artwork and other designs for print is a distinct activity, necessitating the use of specialised tools. Specifically, a vector-based graphic design software.

While there is excellent sketching and painting software as well as picture editing software available, it all comes down to having the proper tool for the task.

Ideally, you will want a programme that is optimised for vector graphics creation and that has colour editing capabilities in CMYK and HSB in addition to the more typical RGB.

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This is particularly relevant for the graphic design business, since pictures and designs may need to be reproduced in very large sizes, necessitating the usage of professional printing services.

Thus, these are the finest platforms for specialised graphic design tools.


Inkscape is a competent open-source graphic design application that enables designers to produce scalable visual designs that do not stretch or blur when resized. It is an accessible alternative for amateurs and novices interested in vector graphics.

Graphic Design Software For Beginners
Graphic Design Software For Beginners

Significant Characteristics:

The user experience is very remarkable for free vector software. Designers that are acquainted with Adobe technologies can use Inkscape effectively.

Regular Upgrades: Inscape has a strong development community, which allows it to offer regular updates and new features. Its most recent version includes mesh gradients, a checkerboard backdrop for a more comfortable view of transparency, and enhanced spray and measuring tools.

It is one of the most powerful and competent free alternatives to Adobe Illustrator.

Manual Enhancement: Using open-source code, users may modify lines of code and improve or customise the programme as required.


  • Along with the paragraph type, users may simply create individual text lines without using frames.
  • Multiple gradients are supported, and a separate tool for creating complicated combinations is included.
  • It has Bezier handles to facilitate node movement.
  • Inkscape has a number of well-designed and feature-rich tools for creating, editing, and converting vectors.
  • Additionally, it is capable of downloading and generating pre-made plugins.
  • Users may save time and effort by using predefined categories of filters.


  • Before exporting, Inkscape’s streaming text must be transformed to plain text.
  • The Mac version is not without errors.
  • The processing speed is somewhat slower than that of other graphics applications.
  • Illustrator compatibility is not guaranteed.


Sketch is a vector-based graphic design application.

The sketch is a vector-based visual design tool that excels in application, web, and interface design. It is particularly well-suited for developing interactive prototypes for UI/UX reasons.

Significant Characteristics:

Sketch’s annual subscription fee is considerably less than those of other subscription services.

Excellent For Mobile and Web Use: It makes use of grids, snap to grid, and snap to pixel capabilities to prevent half-pixel renderings or misaligned elements. These details are essential to ensuring a flexible design that works well across a range of screen sizes and resolutions.

It includes a collection of artboard templates for iOS devices and layouts for responsive web design. All designers need to do is choose an artboard and a gadget.

Custom Plugins: Thanks to strong community support, designers can quickly locate custom plugins for particular needs.


  • It enables simple sharing and collaboration through the cloud. Through a simple file sharing procedure, designers may share the complete interface on the cloud.
  • Users may mirror designs on bigger devices for collaborative viewing in order to determine how the design would appear precisely on a certain device.
  • Any layer or group may be exported as a PNG file.
  • Sketch automatically saves all design changes in stages to prevent design loss. Indeed, significant relief for designers!
  • Users may make use of libraries that include conventional Android, iOS, and Mac icons.
  • It has a rather low learning curve.


  • Due to the fact that this is a new design tool, it is not completely polished and needs significant improvement.
  • It has limited illustration skills, which may make complex illustration work difficult to do.
  • When accessing from the cloud, screens do not display in high quality.
  • Available only to Mac users
  • Absence of an option for automated layout flow

Gravit Architect

Due to the intricacy of vector drawings, the majority of software used to create them must be installed locally, although Gravit Designer offers online alternatives as well. The cloud-based version is accessible through any browser and may be configured to automatically save to online storage or to a local drive.

Alternatively, there are installable versions that make greater use of the computer hardware on Windows PCs, Apple Macs, Linux, and Chrome OS (as found on Chromebooks).

According to our experience, the internet version may become sluggish when dealing with complicated designs, but the locally installed versions fare considerably better. However, with a limited free edition available, there is no reason not to give it a go. There are many amazing examples produced by designers using Gravit Designer that demonstrate how successful it can be for certain tasks.

Gravit Designer PRO includes unlimited online storage, increased resolution to 300dpi, and the ability to print in CMYK and HSB in addition to RGB, as well as the flexibility to work offline, sophisticated export choices, and version history, all for a fair annual membership fee.

Pro Xara X

The business behind Xara began in the 1980s with the Atari ST and Acorn Archimedes computers, before shifting its emphasis to the PC with the advent of Windows. Its most recent version, Xara Designer Pro X, is a complete design tool that works equally well with bitmaps and vectors. This implies that it is capable of doing DTP (desktop publishing), graphic design, illustration, and picture manipulation activities in a single application.

For those looking to quickly sketch up something, a licence provides access to over a million archival photographs and drawings, as well as hundreds of template layouts and thousands of design components.

The price is often discounted. Additionally, a cheaper version named Xara Photo & Graphic Designer is available. Pro X is also available at a reduced price on Steam.