Is graphic design future proof?

With so many worries in the world and the advent of the COVID-19 Corona pandemic many people have been asking about the future of graphic design. First things first; graphic designers were needed many years ago, still needed today and will be needed in many years to come. While the demand in graphic design careers will be highly linked to the needs of the economy, in general, the reassuring thing to know is that robots and computers are not likely to take over in this field. Every waking hour, most of us are inundated from the moment we wake up and check our mobile phone notifications, emails, apps and news with information from mobile phones, magazines, computers, Television, billboards and more.

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What does it take to make a ‘good’ graphic designer very good?

You have now become a graphic designer and you want to differentiate yourself from the crowd and become a very good graphic designer perhaps? If you’re confident about the skills you’ve got as a designer, maybe you need help because there are one or two things you feel, you are lacking costing you opportunities or even worse client work. all these interviews you’ve been getting. Or maybe you have never worked in graphic design and you are just starting out or you are thinking about studying graphic design to embark on this brand-new journey? This article will explore what it takes to be a good graphic designer covering the essentials required to stand out from the crowd and get further ahead in your career.

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Graphic designer job role, duties and interviewing techniques

The road to career success as a graphic designer looks different for everyone. Working on design briefs from home on flexi-time for a busy mum could be the ideal situation for one person just as working across multiple in-house briefs full time might be for another. Or perhaps after you’ve thought about it you are unsatisfied with your current career now you realise that a career in the graphic design world is the way forward for you. But before you commit the effort, training, time and money that it takes to acquire the training and job search; you want to know what your job prospects will look?

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Adobe Graphic Design Online Training

Graphic design online training varies from institution to institution, but all good course providers will have an established reputation. Another indicator is the percentage of graduates that secure jobs after completing their course. As a benchmark do not be shy to ask the college or school you are researching how many students find work and how long it took. Blue Sky Graphic from March 2019-December 2019 confirms that 79% of their intake were candidates that found work within 3 months of the course completion.

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